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Railway Restaurant
by KieranPink, posted 2012-02-15

Idea Description:

To refurbish the old railway carriages up on the rails at the end of Niagara St and convert them into a rolling restaurant that travels between Armidale and Walcha every hour so that people eating may enjoy a pleasant view. 

The restoration of the original railway carriages would ensure old fashion charm was carried through the transformation; in contrast, the refurbishment on the interior would boast modern elegance. Imagine fine dining with family and friends, taking in and appreciating the picturesque New England landscape. There would be a full bar, high quality chefs and top notch service. 

When en-route, the carriages’ station would be a comfy and modern space where guests would be able to relax, enjoy light refreshments and converse while awaiting the train. On weekend nights, there would be a local live jazz band playing in the station, filling the space with gentle music and creating a nostalgic ambience. The train would be open for lunch and dinner, with the aim of doing two trips per time slot. The mingling of guests from both Walcha and Armidale would also bring the towns closer and be a unique feature in country NSW.

Community Benefits:

The Railway Restaurant would provide jobs to the town, not only during construction but also after it kicked off. It would also remove an eyesore from two of the busiest streets in the town. Not only would the Railway Restaurant be economically advantageous for Armidale in terms of establishing jobs, but it would be so well renowned as a unique tourist attraction it would bring travellers from all over the country.

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Great tourism potential and would give us locals another event to take our visitors tocnewson - 4:53pm, 16-02-2016

Yes we need things like that. Armidale is a good place to go no only for people live here, For all ages. RonaldoRonaldo - 5:37pm, 27-02-2014

Great vision! Can't wait.snowflake - 6:33am, 08-02-2014

Love this idea - great if it also did weekend trips to Kentucky, Walcha Rd & Woolbrook for their show. Great for adding another event for visitors.eClare - 9:45am, 17-07-2013

Great idea in terms of local jobs, the visitor dollar and recycling :-)luvslife - 7:44am, 02-06-2013

This is a great idea. David - when you say that it can commence tourist / heritage operations, what is the vision of New England Railway? Is it a rail restaurant as dreamed here, or more of a shuttle service? That is, what would be the extent of the restoration? A great initiative by NER regardless - they are currently such an eye-saw that any restoration would be of benefit. Good luck!dazaaah - 10:26pm, 10-05-2013

All but one of the railcars is owned by New England Railway Inc, a not for profit incorporated association that is currently active and seeking to restore the cars. New England Railway is also working toward accreditation as a rail operator so that it can commence tourist / heritage rail operations. Anyone who wishes to assist with this project is urged to contact New England Railway via: [email protected]David - 10:23am, 14-04-2013

I have thought for a long time this is a great idea. When in Tasmania we went to a train restaurant at the end of an old railway line south of Hobart. This was a stationary train with one carriage being the restaurant...another was a sweet shop...another was a craft shop etc. Very popular.dwtown - 11:06am, 09-04-2013

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