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Winter Wonderland
by Tor, posted 2012-02-15

Idea Description:

The Winter Wonderland will be the talking point for all visitors and residents in Armidale. A winter ‘hub’ of activities that encourages us to embrace our beautiful winter period, not hibernate through it! New England’s Winter Wonderland would see an ice skating rink developed on Curtis Park. The entire creeklands would come to life with food stalls, market nights and exciting activities to keep the young and young at heart active. Imagine this. It’s 0degrees on a Friday night in the middle of July – you get your best winter jacket on and head down to the creeklands. You are greeted by a sea of fairy lights, local exhibitors selling their delicious local food, mulled wine, jacket potatoes. You start by perusing the array of winter clothing stalls and then you spy the ice rink – a vibrant white rink full of smiling faces! Families learning to skate, music playing in the background. This is the kind of Friday night families yearn for during winter – what a great way to start a weekend!

Community Benefits:

It would also act as a night market allowing local vendors to sell their wares. New England boasts some of the best local produce around including our local wool products (cue warm clothes!) The rink itself can host exhibition displays such as “roller derby on ice” or corporates can book the rink for functions – a dinner dance on ice, perhaps. Why not start a winter “get active” program and teach curling, ice hockey or simple skating skills! The possibilities are endless and with the support of the community, anything is possible. Surrounding businesses would benefit from the extra foot traffic in town during what can sometimes be a very quiet time of year. Local businesses could partner with transport companies to provide a Winter Wonderland package, encouraging visitors to enjoy the festivities and also dine and stay locally.

How can you help out?

To get this off the ground, hands on help is required. Businesses wishing to participate in market stalls, winter sport gurus willing to volunteer their time, any locals who think this sounds like an event they want to be involved in need to make themselves known! Like and comment on this idea!

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This would the best reason to visit Armidale especially in winter, something unique that would bring tourists in large numbers and a wonderful asset for our town. I wish to be involved with other like-minded folks that are determined to get this project off the ground. Beaker64 - 9:39am, 02-03-2014

Love it and happy to contributesue_333 - 7:03pm, 08-02-2014

I would love to get involved with a great idea like this one !!Caitlin94 - 4:34pm, 04-02-2014

It is such an exciting idea that should be forged ahead. It would compliment our almost alpine like climate! There would be so much community support and participation. It would give locals a reason to get outdoors, and an activity like this has the potential to contribute greatly to the local economy. If we have been rated the 3rd out of the top 10 places to visit in 2014, let's give visitors something really unique to look forward to and a wonderful memory to take away with them.angewhite - 9:38pm, 31-01-2014

This sounds like so much fun. I hope it happens :)Ellie - 12:05pm, 31-01-2014

I'm in!cmgmatt - 11:44am, 18-10-2012

This should be part of a Winter Festival we have in Armidale. We need to embrace the cold.... it going to come every year like it or not. So lets make the most of it! Bring on this, some snow machines and a toboggan - I am there! dazaaah - 11:32am, 18-10-2012

This is cool :)KateJames01 - 2:08pm, 25-05-2012

This is SUCH an awesome idea - i totally love it :)

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