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Tamworth Adventure Playground
by CharlesImpey, posted 2012-03-16

Idea Description:

Tamworth Adventure Playground is a project based on the ideas of local children of Tamworth and the surrounding areas. It will be over 3/4 of an acre of custom-designed play equipment for children of all ages and abilities.

A local committee has been formed to build awareness about the project, consult with local school children for their 'dream' playground ideas, fundraise and recruit volunteers for the building of the Playground.

Local organisations such as New England Mutual have partnered with the Committee and Tamworth Regional Council to assist in the Playground Project and we are looking for all local businesses and community members to get involved!

The Playground will be built at the Tamworth Marsupial Park, traditionally known as Endeavour Park at the upper end of Brisbane Street. The anticipated build date is in April 2013 and we are expected to need over 1500 volunteers for the construction week. All businesses and local community people are invited to be a part of this exciting project. If you would like to get involved, you can sign up and let us know how you would like to help at

Community Benefits:

A unique educational and recreational facility

The Marsupial Park Children�s Adventure Playground will become a Tamworth owned, unique facility, that will attract young people, parents, families and school groups. The playground will:

  • Be a connecting point for young people, parents and families from throughout the community and region.
  • Promote healthy lifestyles through fun play, activity and exercise.
  • Become a place where children and their parents can spend time together outdoors, in a safe environment.
  • Provide a facility to provide stimulation for young people with intellectual, developmental and physical disabilities as well as mental health issues.
  • Become an additional destination for people passing through Tamworth, particularly young families who are travelling through the region.
  • Become an educational hub for preschool groups, family day care groups, childcare groups and schools.

In terms of educational opportunities, it is envisaged that a number of opportunities can be built into the design of the playground with the option of providing supplementary educational design features relating to the surrounding environment.

Educational Opportunities include:

  • Building on the proposed marsupial theme of the Adventure Playground to include information on marsupials and their ecosystems.
  • Extending on the proposed marsupial theme to provide Aboriginal cultural information about these animals including their names in traditional Kamilaroi language and associated dreamtime stories.
  • Linking features of the playground to the animal and bird displays available in Marsupial Park.
  • Designing the playground in such a way as to support fun educational activities such as counting and alphabet skills, map reading, treasure hunts, amazing races, team problem-solving, and many more.

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We desperately need one of these in Armidale. Only recently moving here (and am loving it), I feel like there isnt enough close and convenient outdoor entertainment for all the kids here. Congratulations on getting this started in Tamworth! I am sure there will be a few trips organised this summer!mishmish - 4:39pm, 18-10-2012

this is awesome!CharlesImpey - 10:44am, 16-03-2012

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