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The Backtrack Classroom/Gallery
by BernieS, posted 2012-03-17

Idea Description:

With the assistance of members of the Rotary Club of Armidale this project would provide a multi purpose room at the BackTrack headquarters on Waterfall Way. The room, adjacent to the welding shed, is in poor repair and if refurbished could be used throughout the year as a classroom , studio and display area.  The Rotarians have generously offered to work with BackTrack to raise funds to cover costs as well as provide professional services and labour to realise this important project.

The Department of Education and Communities has provided a teacher for two days a week to assist young BackTrack participants to improve their numeracy and literacy. They take classes in the room.

Since BackTrack began in Armidale seven years ago, young trainee welders have been encouraged to experiment with their own designs to make both useful and decorative pieces. A refurbished room would be used to display these items which would be for sale to raise funds for BackTrack, generate orders and assist the young people.

BackTrack, which now comes under the umbrella of Jobs Australia, was founded to assist young people disengaged from the education system and the community. It has been very successful in turning around the lives of the young participants preparing them for full time jobs and apprenticeships through continuing with their education and training to gain qualifications and work ready attitudes.

Community Benefits:

The Classroom/Gallery will enable BackTrack participants to develop numeracy and literacy skills needed for the workplace and to showcase their artistic and design talents. Youth involved in the programs held at the centre work towards gaining formal qualifications whilst learning on-the-job skills. As they develop confidence, a greater sense of self-worth and industry experience they also re-engage productively with the community and the workplace.

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Backtrack you are changing the lives of our young people and giving them hope and choices for their future. Keep up the great work! Narelle Gauslaa - 9:06am, 22-04-2014

The boys call it the paddock, they show up....every day that its happening, and they learn, this really works, and it changes lives, special people doing special stuff, thanks! life changer - 4:00pm, 01-04-2014

im am 11 and i work with him jackling - 4:25pm, 11-09-2013

"The ones crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who usually do" - another great idea by Bernie and his team at BackTrack that will change the lives of our local youth. Well done - we look forward to seeing (and helping) this come to life! Tor Brown - 9:53am, 15-05-2013

bernie, jen, dusty, cazz and all the great backtrack young men and women, you inspire us!big kev - 9:39am, 15-05-2013

I have been privileged to witness the amazing growth of many of these kids that had difficulties with the mainstream education system. For Bernie & his team to be able to incorporate education with the life skills they teach, many more work opportunities will be available for these kids. Keep the dream alive Bernie P & Akahona - 1:30pm, 14-05-2013

I've been lucky enough to visit and seen it first hand, and its a fantastic initiative. Importantly it is one that is embraced by the kids attending which really is encouraging. Well done Bernie and team. Keep fighting the good fight.dazaaah - 9:38pm, 10-05-2013

Believe in your dreams!! Aim High!Simone - 8:47am, 08-05-2013

Bernie and Jen great idea and great people well done backtrack Dooga - 8:03am, 08-05-2013

TWo of my sons have been a part of this project and i cannot express how fantastic it was for themLisa - 2:57pm, 07-05-2013

Great work Bernie, hope you get the extra funding for this project.. Xx kathKatdum - 9:40pm, 02-05-2013

terrific idea and this team have shown that they can jump high !susie dunn - 6:03pm, 02-05-2013

Armidale needs more alternative schooling opportunities for our youth - thanks BackTrack JackFrost - 9:21am, 02-05-2013

This is a great initiative run by some very special people. Not only are they providing work and artistic skills but have also recognised the absolute need for improvement in literacy and numeracy skills to add more worth to these students in the workforce. FantasticMuzthePoet - 4:06am, 02-05-2013

Yep, I'm guessing it will be freezing in winter too.Carly - 7:50pm, 01-05-2013

I cant think of a better way to benefit our communities than by re-engaging our youth and Backtrack does it better than anyone. good luck Pb - 6:48pm, 01-05-2013

great work Bernie,all the best for this and all the Backtrack activitiesJohn Habib - 5:40pm, 01-05-2013

best of luck Bern et al.drielsm - 4:55pm, 01-05-2013

Good luck BackTrack - a really worthwhile project to support. jfk - 3:25pm, 30-04-2013

Everyone should get behind this amazing initiative. Lisaanne1961 - 3:21pm, 30-04-2013

This is such a great idea! good luck! :DKieranPink - 4:34pm, 04-10-2012

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The Backtrack Classroom/GalleryThe Backtrack Classroom/GalleryThe Backtrack Classroom/GalleryThe Backtrack Classroom/GalleryThe Backtrack Classroom/GalleryThe Backtrack Classroom/GalleryThe Backtrack Classroom/GalleryThe Backtrack Classroom/Gallery