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Punt New England
by dazaaah, posted 2012-10-18

Idea Description:

Inspiration for this idea has come from similar university cities in the UK such as Oxford. It basically allows a bit of relaxed fun and provides an attraction for residents and importantly tourists to enjoy. For this idea to work, Armidale will require a damming and widening of the Dumaresq Creek, with flood control gates to mitigate the flow of water during periods of heavy rain.

Community Benefits:

1. Armidale beautification for better utilisation of the Armidale Creek Lands.

2. Tourism: “Take a Punt in Armidale” tourism brochures and photos of bridges would help increase visitation to the town and help boost the local economy.

3. Flood mitigation and avoidance from damming and widening of the creek with flood control gates and small levy banks. Small decorative bridges over key low traffic areas (Falkner and Dangar Streets) and potentially larger bridges over Dumaresq and Niagara Streets that continue to subject to constant flooding.

Increased activity/visitation to the creek lands may prompt the zoning of Kiosks or coffee shops at either end of designated Punting route. These facilities could handle the administration for the Punt hire and provide an attractive meeting place for residents and tourists alike (there aren’t many places to eat in Armidale with a view yet it is such an attractive city).

Provision for signage could be made on the Punts which would allow local businesses to sponsor individual Punts. Further, the construction and maintenance of the Punts could be made with ongoing supporting donations to the Armidale Men’s Shed.

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This is a great idea for what's possible with the creeklands. Have you looked into the toxicity issues? I'm aware that a lot of ideas for the creeklands have been stopped because of this.adamblakester - 12:21pm, 13-01-2014

That sounds like a fantastic idea. It would have many benefits for armidale.Abby - 9:09am, 30-12-2013

This is a fantastic idea with numerous potential benefits to the community, which will surely increase as time goes by. I'd bet that the center of the city would gradually develop around the creek lands because of this project.desolea - 12:13pm, 22-03-2013

Thanks Phil_22. Good suggestoin. I actually heard from a reliable source that there was (or has been) an application in with the Armidale Council to dam the creek lands for the purpose of better utilising that are. Not sure if it went anywhere though?dazaaah - 3:39pm, 19-10-2012

I like it dazaaah, the Armidale Tree Group and Southern New England Lancare could be brought in to line waterways with native plants, trees, shrubs and waterlife to help prevent erosion and attract waterbirds. In addition to this the local fishing club St Kilda Fishing Club have access to funding in reagards to stocking of native fish also improving the eco system and it would be great for familys to wet a line together right in the middle of town!Phil_22 - 4:30pm, 18-10-2012

And who wouldn't like to float down the river 'huck fin style' twirling your umbrella while humming the tune to the song "its got to be eeee eeeee eeeee perfect" ehy?dazaaah - 10:49am, 18-10-2012

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