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Mega Flying Fox Zipline
by Robbo, posted 2012-10-18

Idea Description:

Build a HUGE zipline across Dumaresq creek in Curtis Park to link the two areas of kids play equipment.  More fun than walking back and forth over the bridges at either end, and much more exciting... Even better, build two ziplines and have races!

Community Benefits:

The current play equipment in Armidale is a bit basic, and pretty much limited to swings and slides.  Alternate locations include the Arboretum where a good slope could up the speed and excitement even further :)

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How cool would that be!!! I agree that the parks here are a bit substandard - especially for a place that prides itself on being good for families. Plenty of parks - just nothing to do in them (?)dazaaah - 2:34pm, 18-10-2012

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Mega Flying Fox ZiplineMega Flying Fox Zipline