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by PAUL SCHMUDE, posted 2012-10-18

Idea Description:

To build a luge that runs from the top of the Armidale lookout to the bottom of the hill!

Community Benefits:

It will provide fun for the whole town!! It would also be a great tourist attraction, benefitting the business community of Armidale.

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We need more fun for our children and grandchildren. Kids need to be outside more no matter how cold it might be, kids can rug up and get out of the house in all seasons. They just need some fun activities that families can do together. This is a must!markdonna - 9:45pm, 01-04-2015

Now i don't need go to Big Banana. Take kids from street and do some thing good for all. Is time to Armidale think about something really good. Ronaldo - 10:09am, 01-12-2014

For years I've been saying that more should be done to "beautify" our lookout and that there should be a restaurant/coffee shop at the lookout. This idea would not only give visitors and the people of Armidale somewhere else to enjoy food but an attraction that is fun for all ages and bring more visitors into our wonderful town. Incorporate lovely flower gardens, picnic/bbq areas and water features and get the tour buses on board. This is an amazing idea and fully support it. Well done Paul for bringing this idea to the forum.Roz - 11:01am, 28-11-2014

Great idea. We need more tourist attractions in armidaleAnne010 - 10:09pm, 10-04-2014

Armidale needs more family fun. Our little one just isn't interested in the arts just yet and by default, nor are we :)sudds43 - 3:04pm, 05-06-2013

Please please please can we do this! Please? The Big Banana in Coffs has one... You could Put the Tourist Information Centre at the lookout with a coffee shop attached so you can enjoy the view, and watch families as they slide down. Already plenty of parking space up there. Simply outstanding!dazaaah - 9:38pm, 11-05-2013

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