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Food Co-op in the Armidale Mall
by Kate H, posted 2012-10-18

Idea Description:

To start a food co-op in the Armidale Mall. The co-op is member owned and run, and stocks only locally grown produce within a 200km radius of Armidale.

Community Benefits:

Members are provided with quality harvest at the best possible prices. The co-op creates jobs and stimulates spending in other local businesses.

 A quaint and unique location, the Armidale mall would gain from the additional atmosphere generated by the co-op.

How Can You Help Out?

Growers of quality fruit and vegetables in the New England Region would need to provide their produce.

The community would need to become members, helping to run the organization and purchasing their food from the co-op.

Please feel free to offer practical suggestions!

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Food Co-op in the Armidale MallFood Co-op in the Armidale MallFood Co-op in the Armidale MallFood Co-op in the Armidale Mall