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Drive In Movie Theatre
by Jscott, posted 2012-10-19

Idea Description:

Just like in the old days, This can be a movie theatre in which you take your car to the movies! it will be a fun way to enjoy old classic movies in your car. It could be located near the UNE, Lookout or even near the Arboretum. Their will be a large Movie projector and screen and a large car park. Also a little shop to purchase tickets or food such as popcorn

Community Benefits:

It will allow people of all ages to enjoy the old classic way of watching movies like it was back in the old days. It's also an excuse to get out of the house

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Why not just build the screen where the old one used to be... The skidpan at the driver training centre.JStarr - 11:57am, 02-02-2014

The Gold Coast has one at Yatalla, and it is fabulous! They have a retro-fitted diner and they have special days/nights where they invite everyone to come dressed up. It is cheaper for families and is just an experience in itself! There are almost extinct in most states, so it would be a great draw card for tourists!!! Love it, 5 starsluvslife - 8:23am, 02-06-2013

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