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Ride the Rail Trail
by Chris Stace, posted 2013-03-07

Idea Description:

In 1989 the last train passed through Guyra Railway Station. Now the New England Rail Trail Group wants to utilise that space. A New England Rail Trail would raise the profile of Guyra, attract tourism and benefit the community.

Rail Trails are being constructed all over Australia.

National Rail Trails website

Rail Trails are not just for cyclists but bushwalking, runners and horse riding as well.  They provide outlets for local recreation and benefit local economies through the tourism they bring and provide green links and reserves for native plants and animals.

Community Benefits:

A New England Rail Trail would attract tourism to the town and region and encourage cycling in the local community with associated health benefits. There would also be opportunities for local business to participate and it would provide opportunities for community groups to make use of the trail, not just for cycling.

You can also find the New England Rail Trail Group on Facebook.

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I am a local Guyra person who has a Farm on the north side of Guyra the trail would pass in front of our farm. I cannot believe that locals are against a brilliant idea like this on. People need to get out more often and have a look at what the New Zealanders have done with there rail trails. Bike riding now is incredible popular I love going for a ride.We need attraction like his in the New England for riders and tourism.Simon Croft - 12:00pm, 14-12-2015

Congratulations to the team working on getting up the New England Rail Trail. It is a no brainer and only a matter of time before rail trails become common in NSW as in the rest of the country - and the world! Eventually we will be able to send people out to Tenterfield from our Northern Rivers Rail Trail and they can have a complete rail trail experience!railtrailqueen - 2:47pm, 29-08-2015

Bring it on for locals and tourists! This project would be brilliant for the health and wellness of our community. It would also maintain the rail access by reducing vegetation and bring very welcome tourism to our area. Bike trails have been successful elsewhere and it's time we got on with it. So many businesses would benefit from the trail; accommodation, shopping, bike shops etc it is much more substantial than people may initially realise.Alanna - 2:40pm, 28-08-2015

As a local Black Mountain resident and a keen cyclist (even if my home made electric hybrid bike irritates the purists) I'd really like to see this project go ahead. Cycling is good exercise and a good antidepressant if there aren't massive hills! Unfortunately, New England is chock full of hills - great for an interesting landscape but murder on the average person's feeble legs! The rail trail will solve that, plus bring tourism to our area.cccmikey - 10:20am, 28-08-2015

Great idea. I've ridden rail trails in New Zealand and Australia. All of them have greatly benefitted the local communities. The Great Victorian Rail Trail had a lot of opposition when it started. NOT NOW. Good luck with getting it going. Ken M.Ken McDonald - 2:14pm, 27-08-2015

This proposed rail trail is vigorously opposed by a significant section of the community and has far from the required overwhelming community support required to initiate the dismantling of a railway. For more information, see: - 11:33pm, 18-11-2014

You have such a beautiful region in the Northern Tablelands and understand your rail line has laid dormant for 20 plus years. Why doesn't someone get active and do something positive with it? We have ridden several rail trails and the economic value would assist your communities so much. Have a look at Central Otago Rail Trail, you could pinch some ideas from them, anyway good luck, you don't know what your missing. Victor and Anne.Tourist - 7:04pm, 30-06-2014

We are off the roads Dazaaah, well most of the time! We'd love to ride the defunct Great Northern Railway(20 years dead now), all the infrastructure is there ready to go! North of Ben Lomond station is the longest man made cutting as well, quite impressive. Lots of people talk about it!! We dont need anything to flash, just a trail and work from their. Let do it! high on bikes - 8:42pm, 13-05-2013

Agree with honey blonde, but mountain bikers should be already off road. Perhaps we could include a couple of tricky sections for the mountain bikers at various points along the way - just to break it up a bit and keep the interest. Peeling off down into a gully or two, then back up. Or the odd little obstacle along the way - like a see-saw tilt that you have to ride over (or something). Kiosks/coffee shops at either end would also make for a welcome destination.dazaaah - 10:47pm, 10-05-2013

This is a great idea! There are plenty of MTBike riders in Guyra that would love an opportunity to keep off the roads.honey blonde - 5:22pm, 08-05-2013

Great idea Chris - I love this one. In previous lives I've been fortunate enough to live in places that did this and it's just a fantastic resource for recreational activity. The gradients are always steam-train gentle and therefore perfect for people of all abilities. The prospect of being able stop off for a cuppa and a piece of cake along the way only makes this more compelling.Robbo - 12:05pm, 11-03-2013

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