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Guyra Community Fitness Trail
by Healthy Highlanders, posted 2013-03-19

Idea Description:

Guyra Shire Council (under the umbrella of its Healthy Highlanders project) has recently installed outdoor fitness equipment as part of a 2.5km fitness circuit around the town of Guyra. A-Play's 'Fit for Parks' equipment was selected following a tender process which saw 5 of Australia's leading outdoor fitness equipment suppliers tender for the contract. The Fitness trail will cost over $82,000 which includes the equipment and installation costs. Installation was completed in the first few weeks of April with a community launch and come try day held on Sunday 12th May, 2013. Healthy Highlanders acknowledges the vision of Guyra Rotary Club who have championed the concept of walking and fitness trails for the benefit of the Guyra Community and thanks the Community Mutual Group for their fantastic support of this project. The support of the Community Mutual Group will be used to develop a shared path between the 3rd and 4th Stations of the Fitness trail. A Commonwealth Government grant under the Healthy Communities initiative was essential in establishing the Fitness Trail for the benefit of the Guyra community.

Four exercise sites have been established in Guyra for the 'Fitness Trail' (which are located approximately 500m apart):

1. Recreation Ground - Ryanda Street (adjacent to the small soccer field car park at the rear of the tennis complex, BMX track and Guyra Pool).

2. Rotary Park is located on the New England Highway and the park incorporates a major enclosed children's playground facility.

3. McKie Parkway (adjacent to the public toilet amenities of the RV camping ground) at the end of Moredun Street.

4. On Golf Course land adjacent to the interection of Nincoola Street (where recent tree plantings have been undertaken)

Community Benefits:

The Fitness Trail will be a permanent reminder in Guyra of the Healthy Community initiative and is expected to be used by the community year round. It is expected that equipment will last at least 15 years and can be expanded upon over time.

The exercise equipment will allow for ongoing participation in physical activity. Some of the sites are located next to existing playground equipment, allowing the entire family to be physically active together.

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Great work Guyra, fantastic start, lets think BIG and and go for the Bike/Shared track from Armidale to Tenterfield. Imagine!high on bikes - 7:38pm, 13-05-2013

Congratulations Guyra! What a great project. Good luck with the official opening on Sunday!dazaaah - 9:08pm, 11-05-2013

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