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Indoor Sports Centre
by jmh1993, posted 2013-03-20

Idea Description:

My idea is an indoor sports centre for the community of Quirindi. It would be used for indoor netball, basketball and could even be used for indoor soccer, futsal and volleyball.

It would be located near the current grass netball courts in town

Community Benefits:

This would benefit the community greatly as the netball courts are only grass and not great to play on. Netball has fallen in the recent years due to the lack of facilities and quality to play on. An indoor court would mean it can be played twilight and would attact many older players back without it being on a Saturday. Basketball is a big sport in Quirndi with many travelling to Tamworth for comp also. Qdi hosts Junior basketball, mens and a womens comp. It is currently played at the local highschool on a court that is not full sized and could be in much better condition for the players. We have many Rep players and it would mean Qdi could possibly hold competition or gala days for both sports. It would benefit by boosting the physical activity and participation for all locals in the community. It is about keeping fit, having fun and getting the community involved

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The Indoor Sports centre would be a great benefit for the whole community, and could be used for a wide variety of sports and sporting organisations. Quirindi has a very strong sense of community and is a sport loving town, and an indoor sports centre would be a valuable asset to the community. lnm123 - 1:29pm, 20-03-2013

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