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Cover Town Pool
by aab, posted 2013-03-24

Idea Description:

Cover the Olympic pool similar to Guyra pool - so it can be closed in on cold days (and during winter) and opened up on beautiful days.

Community Benefits:

This will allow the town pool to be open year round, providing much needed pool lanes. With all the learn to swim groups and clubs using TAS, UNE and Hydro pool, there is not enough room for members of the public. This would also improve summer attendance as the weather will not be an issue.

This will also attract higher level swimmers who can train at higher altitude.

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A well closed in pool or an aquatic centre would provide the winter recreation hub that this area needs. It would also create an amenity sought by ex Sydney (evocity) newcomers. The current pool centre, although quaint and well maintained is a little too 1960's.sudds43 - 9:10am, 10-11-2013

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