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Recreational Cycling Track
by Scone sporting gps, posted 2013-03-28

Idea Description:

A cycling/walking track around the perimeter of the Bill Rose Sports Complex would be a great addition to this hub of sporting events.  It could be a completely separate track, or make use of the road that leads to the pound and the road alongside the golf club. Adding some simple outdoor gym equipment, eg chin-up bar, step-up, would create a fantastic exercise circuit.

Community Benefits:

It would provide the community with a place to walk, run or cycle, away from traffic.  Cycling is one of the fastest growing recreational activities in Australia but many people are not confident enough to cycle on roads.  This path would be a great place for anyone to be able to practise their skills, or just cycle for pleasure.  Many sports teams train at the complex and they too would be able to make use of a track for their fitness work, with some exercises along the way.

How can you help out?

The main barrier to this idea is the cost.  If we can find funding/support/sponsorship then the idea could become a reality.

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Hope my vote makes a difference Marlene - 12:53pm, 27-02-2015

I think there is now something like this in Guyra, but has some really cool outdoor gym equipment. See Guyra idea on this website for the fitness trail. A committee called the 'healthy highlanders' got together in conjunction with Rotary, New England Mutual and their local council. It's only just been completed. You could give them a call re. cost and suppliers of equip etc. It's a great idea. Good luck!dazaaah - 11:02pm, 10-05-2013

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