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The Living History Project.
by Keith, posted 2013-03-28

Idea Description:

I have no idea where it could be located. The more land the better. I envision two separate buildings in one area but as separate as possible depending on how much ground is available.

One area for Medieval Living History, and one area for 18th century Living History. The 18th century building needs to be a simple fort structure.

Armidale could be the National Living History site, enough publicity and it could quite easily attract overseas living historians and historical reenactors.

Community Benefits:

It would bring a lot of tourists, Living Historians and Historical Reenactors to Armidale. The more ground you have to use, the more attractions you can add and the more people you will attract. The attractions would not be costly. Living Historians would likely volunteer their labour for simple period construction work, such as the buildings presently situated in the pine forest.

A lake with man made creeks leading into it would be a big plus. This would allow Viking Ships and boats to be used as well as colonial era canoes. These vessels will be supplied by the Living Historians themselves.

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