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South Hill Playspace
by South Hill Playspace, posted 2013-03-28

Idea Description:

This idea would see the development of a community sensory play space. A concept plan can be uploaded and the pan includes access for people with disabilities to the grounds and to the play space and would be a space that the wider community would enjoy.

Location- Lynches Road Sporting Complex

Community Benefits:

There are a number of benefits to the community these include

  • Sensory equipment to stimulate safe play for all family members
  • Access and participation to the wider community, including people with disabilities
  • Increase recreational activity share with family and friends increasing community participation. This complex also is being used for netball, bike riding, scooter riding, remote control cars, wind sailing, fitness sessions and both structured and unstructured physical recreation.
  • Possible increase in women's participation in physical activity due to a secure play space available for children 
  • An alternative for families and community members for children's parties and community gatherings

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Armidale needs a really good playground... Armidalians travel to Guyra, Uralla & Tamworth for good playgrounds - crazy we don't have our own. DiJohnston - 11:21am, 12-10-2016

As a mother of two small children, this is something armidale actually needs. a safe place space for children.kylie82 - 6:38pm, 04-10-2016

Armidale needs a safe playing environment for Educators, families and children to enjoy and be able to relax without the problems of roads and water. Travelling to other towns you can see safe enclosed play spaces for all ages. Armidale is way overdue for this lizmc - 1:20pm, 22-06-2013

Armidale needs a play space like this. The community as a whole will benefit. I took my children to a sensory playspace in Sydney's Centennial Park recently and it was brilliant.JD - 10:16pm, 20-06-2013 however this would be a better idea for the WHOLE community!davom8 - 6:03pm, 20-06-2013

Being an ex resident of Armidale now residing in Toowoomba I have seen the benefits of a sensory park of this kind. The one in Toowoomba allows children and adults of all ages to enjoy the outdoors while incorporating a safe and enjoyable environment. They have included a disability swing thay incirporates a wheel chair as well as solar powered games and instruments that all ages enjoy, all in a beautiful outdoor surrounding. Megs - 12:15am, 20-06-2013

Fantastic idea and much needed. As a local Personal Trainer I see a high demand for an area for families to interact and be physical. This space provides a family environment and has the potential to bring more people outside to be active. It is a necessary area and I am hopeful it will be a successful campaign. Sus - 3:04pm, 18-06-2013

As an ex resident of Armidale, and currently manager for a disability provider, I believe Armidale could benefit from a playground that supports all children and any person who wishes to access environments that can enhance their sensory environment. Armidale has a number of supported accommodation models for people with a disability and they would benefit from the community interaction of this environment. These playgrounds also prove to be a great space for kids recovering from major illness's in hospital who require wheelchair accessible facilities.Will - 8:56pm, 12-06-2013

YES, YES, YES. This will a big plus to Armidale. Our children need more and better facility for physical activities. The investment will pay for itself through reduced cost for health care, happier and more productive people. According to Australia Bureau of Statistic, one-quarter of all Australian children aged 5-17 are overweight or obese. If weight gain continues at current levels, by 2025, close to 80% of all Australian adults and a third of all children will be overweight or obese.Tony - 1:50am, 09-06-2013

Absolutely great idea! it is a much needed place for children in Armidale.namhoang - 10:06pm, 06-06-2013

Wellington in NSW has a fantastic playground for littlies and bigger kids alike, we need something like that! We often travel to Guyra just to use their amazing playground because Armidale is so lacking in this area. I love the idea of a wonderful new playground here, but lets do it right, not another half baked attempt like the playground near the tourist centre. Children over the age of 7 like to play and be challenged in a safe environment just as much as the toddlers.TJ - 5:56pm, 05-06-2013

Perhaps they should have a look at the childrens playground Brelsford park in Coffs Harbour and have something like that here, and I think some BBQ's are a must with plenty of shadeSteve - 4:19pm, 05-06-2013

Long overdue. Would certainly replace our lonely weekends spent at substandard playgrounds with some community spirit. Agree that somewhere more central would be useful. Anyone been to Sydney Park (in St Peters, Sydney)? Worth a visit - as well as a spectacular fenced playground, it also has bike paths, a road safety practice area and off-leash areas for (controllable) dogs. It's seems an unlikely combination but it works well because many families own dogs and the dogwalkers increase midweek numbers and adds to safety.sudds43 - 3:17pm, 05-06-2013

If this had a coffee shop attached to it I would be up there all day!! Armidale could do with a park facility upgrade everywhere. Its true what they say, Armidale is great for families, but only when they are old enough to play (or like) sport. Not much for the younger families unfortunately. I really hope this gets up. It would certainly make the city more attractive to 'Tree Changers'.dazaaah - 12:14pm, 10-05-2013

This is a fabulous idea - after moving back here from Brisbane when my first son was born I was really struck by the lack of a good play space in Armidale. Lots of lovely outdoor areas - but nowhere safe and well maintained to play. I wonder if locating it somewhere more central might be an idea though? - I walk almost everywhere with my 2 boys, and getting to South Hill is a bit of a hike! Still, awesome idea where ever it is :)Melisa - 9:17am, 11-04-2013

Great idea, I would love to learn more and help out in any way I can! We are so lucky to have access to so many beautiful parklands and outdoor spaces here in Armidale, however they all lack any decent playground equipment. Let's hope the community can get behind this and that a plan can be developed to see this eventuate and for it's ongoing maintenance :)tstace2 - 10:23pm, 10-04-2013

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