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Dumaresq Dam - Armidales Outdoor Recreational Hotspot
by dalb, posted 2013-04-04

Idea Description:

the provision of a diverse range of outdoor recreational opportunities provided @ Dumaresq Dam and its Foreshore Lands.  

Access to Dumaresq Dam is unrestricted, open to all and as a result, used by many on a regular basis. 

As such I am hoping we as a community make a real effort to improve the recreational opportunities, available at Dumaresq Dam, for the long term benefit of our local community and those who enjoy outdoor pursuits. In support and by way of example I’ve provided a narrative of an actual BBQ conversation a few years ago, which went something as follows: The names contained in the following conversation have been altered to avoid embarrassment.

Snag Sizzler:  Why doesn’t someone do something out @ Dumaresq Dam, it would be really great for the town ?

Tackle Pro:  Your right U know, I’ve just came back for up north, fished a couple of dams west of Brissy,  ‘chock a block’  with fish and a real money-spinner for the locals. 

Fly Caster: That dam aquatic weed is the problem @ Dumaresq, just around the edge, me and the kids hate swimming in it and your always getting your line snagged.  

Snag Sizzler: I reckon building a jetty out or even better ‘floating pontoons’ would be the obvious answer. U could tie your canoe up or fish off them, get out past the shallows into the deeper water, and could swim out past the weed.     

King Fish: Yes a dam, close to town, ‘stocked to the gills’ with Australian Bass, an eastern flowing species and great fighting fish, pan fried over an open fire, nothing could be better.  Even U Fly Caster would get a feed. 

Tackle Pro: Sunken artificial reefs could be added, fish would then have habitat and we would have great spots to fish the dam. Buoys could mark the locations of the reefs. 

Fly Caster: I’ve always thought a couple of small simple timber tents would be good around the foreshore, very quiet and scenic, especially as the fog rises off the water in the early morn and close to the walking tracks.

King Fish: No wonder U don’t catch much Fly Caster, your always ‘taking it all in’, instead of fishing, but your right, a couple of simple roofed/sheltered camping spots, dotted around the dam would be just the ticket. I’d take my eldest out for a couple of days, take a break, do some fishing, sit around the fire & bond a little.          

Snag Sizzler:  It’s not like the old days when U could just go anywhere, throw a line, light a campfire and be away from it all. Councils got this dam & land, close to town. I go out often and see many overseas visitors, families and grey nomads taking a look. It’s got such great recreational potential, to be local & regional drawcard.

Fly Caster: They could add a well marked, signposted ‘bird route’ around the dam & throughout the wooded areas, there is always plenty of birds when I go out, its probably because the bush is so natural. 

Snag Sizzler:  Plus a separate off road, well marked mountain bike track for the more adventurous,  would be well used I reckon.         

Tackle Pro: Surely some of the fishing license fees we pay to the Department could be channelled into increasing dam fish stocks, heck I’d even kick in a few $$$. I’m always hearing about tourism funding opportunities, maybe a grant would help fund a major improvement project at the dam. 

King Fish If there were plenty of fish stocked in the dam and it was set up right, we could hold annual fishing comps, canoe regattas or any number of outdoor type events. 

 Fly Caster:  Heaven forbid if the dam then become a real recreational hub, a hit with fishers, families and tourists alike. Maybe even bringing in a few $$ whilst adding business and employment opportunities to our town. It could even pay for an extra Council Ranger position to look after things out there. 

Snag Sizzler:  Someone should tell council, maybe they might see the light, Anyhow, all this talk has got me hungry, grab your beers, grubs up, my apology its not fresh fish,  just a few overcooked snags. 

Old fisherman never die, they only smell that way. 

Community Benefits:

An significant increased of outdoor recreational activities provided by the dam, within close proximity to Armidale City.    

Increased use of a local community asset by both local and visitors to the region who enjoy low impact outdoor activities.   

The opportunity for the development of @ dam business ventures 

A boost to existing local in-town economies, related to dam recreational activities 

potential for further event hosting at the dam, related to the range of dam recreational activities, which in turn provides increased local economic boosts.   

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This idea is not only fantastic, it's criminal not to do it. It has so much potential it's scary!dazaaah - 9:29pm, 11-05-2013