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Little Book Library
by Lofty, posted 2013-04-08

Idea Description:

A Little Book Library is a pretty drop box on your street (or your front lawn), FULL OF BOOKS! Take one now, return one later. The idea is to have these dotted throughout our community, with a selection of your favourite pre-loved books in them (you can't steal a 'free' book now can you). People can take one, leave one, or both, on an ongoing basis. 

Community Benefits:

Little Book Libraries promote literacy and a love of books, as well as fostering a little community spirit. They give you something pretty to create and decorate and display on your lawn. You take advantage of a potentially unending variety of books, and contribute your own tastes to the network of libraries in your community. Go for a walk, just come back with a new book please!

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Wonderful idea Erica7 - 5:39pm, 02-06-2014

I would love to do this in Toronto canada as my neighbour down the road has one on there front lawn. How do I go about this too? Susannaha susannaha - 8:01am, 18-11-2013

How cool!dazaaah - 10:50pm, 10-05-2013

I love this ideaJenny18 - 10:07am, 08-05-2013

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