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Armidale Rail Trail
by bcgraham, posted 2013-04-08

Idea Description:

A significant opportunity exists to raise the profile of Armidale, attract tourism and benefit the community. The disused rail line between Armidale and Guyra would be an ideal candidate for a cycle path. Such paths, known as Rail Trails, are being constructed all over Australia. Dubbo has created a Rail Trail from the city centre to the Western plains Zoo, and it has proved to a great success. People come from all over the state to enjoy the ride through the countryside.

For more active cyclists the ride up and back would be an enjoyable challenge, while a more sedate ride would be to take a bus to the Guyra end, and ride back down the grade to Armidale. At the end of the ride participants could enjoy refreshments at the Railway Restaurant. Rail Trails are not just for cyclists Bushwalking, runners and horse riding are just some of the other uses.

Community Benefits:

1. Attract Tourism to the town

2. Encourage cycling in the local community with associated health benefits

3. Provide opportunities for local business to participate

4. Provide opportunities for community groups to make use of the trail, not just for cycling

How can you help out?

The trail would become a focus for many community groups to participate. Please add your support. Visit our web site at to see more information and photos for this project.

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A great idea. New Zealand has converted most of its disused railways to trails with great - 4:36pm, 04-09-2015

Recently returned from Ireland where the town of Westport has benefited greatly from a similar venture. Tis should be pushed hard.geedgee - 4:27pm, 01-11-2013

Fantastic idea!!margh - 2:38pm, 20-06-2013

This is a great idea. the section to Guyra should be phase one and a great start have a look at for inspirationDaveJohnson - 7:51am, 15-06-2013

In the car heading up to Bris this idea was floated, probably would work best choosing the most scenic part with access to things like vineyards :)Iain - 12:55pm, 13-06-2013

This idea has support from a number of Guyra residents as there is a similar idea posted in the 'Guyra' section of this website. It seems that great minds think alike! Great idea!dazaaah - 9:44pm, 11-05-2013

The cycle way out to Kelly Plains has been wonderful and the one down by the creek is good and it would be good to have one along the railway line that is now unused heading out into the country. Great idea. dwtown - 11:11am, 09-04-2013

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