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Manilla Road Safety Park and basketball hoop
by Wendy, posted 2013-04-17

Idea Description:

The park will be a safe welcoming place for families to go for kids to learn and participate in the rules of the road and something for the older childern maybe a basketball hoop. The park will be located at Chaffey Park near the skate park, touch fields and cricket pitch. It will work by simulating road scenarios for children to learn and grow from.

Community Benefits:

The park will benefit the community by providing a safe and secure place for kids and their parents to go and ride their bikes and scooters while learning road safety and road rules.

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The Community Mutual Group have received 270 hand written votes for this project.CommunityMutualGroup - 4:31pm, 14-05-2014

What a great thing for our children to have to learn to ride, play and be safe. Every town should have one of these!dazaaah - 10:32pm, 10-05-2013

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