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Dubbo Base Hospital Accommodation Project
by rod crowfoot, posted 2013-04-26

Idea Description:

We are a newly incorporated association established for the simple intention of constructing patient accommodation on the redeveloped Dubbo Base Hospital site. Dubbo Base Hospital (DBH) serves the residents of, visitors to and travellers through the Macquarie Valley, particularly those parts north and west of Dubbo. The north and west drawing area for DBH, excluding the Dubbo LGA, has a population of approximately 40,000. (The map above indicates the geographic area the project will support plus more) 

For some years there has been concern that women from these areas, unable to deliver their babies in their local areas, required low cost, convenient accommodation close to DBH in the days leading up to their confinement. Many do not have the convenience of family and friends in Dubbo and are reliant on accommodation that significantly challenges them financially.  NSW Health is only funded to provide inpatient accommodation. As a result of our research (based on discussions with clinical personnel as well as data provided by NSW Health/DBH) into specifics of the actual need for this kind of facility, the concept has now been broadened to include not only expectant mothers awaiting confinement but also:

-People coming to Dubbo in preparation for surgery and other treatments,

-Patients who no longer require acute-bed care but need a day or two to establish their post treatment routines with specialist support in Dubbo before going back to their local hospital or home, and

-Parents or other carers supporting children, partners or parents undergoing treatment.

Community Benefits:

This project aims to help make health care more accessible for all, and through that, to improve the health outcomes of the people of the area. It is anticipated that use of this facility will be integral to the planning for health care access for a significant number of residents within the local health district into the future.

Currently the health statistics for the area are notoriously poor in comparison to those of more closely populated areas of the state.

Firstly, it can be daunting for anyone to have to seek health care, but the practicalities this project aims to overcome have for many meant it was all too hard, leading to putting off what should have been managed immediately, often with dire consequences.

Secondly, the cost of health care for those beyond the LGA is increased by the common need for associated accommodation as well as the time and travel involved. Distance=Time=Cost.

This project is planned to be self-sustaining over time once it has been set up. It aims to significantly and positively impact health care access for all citizens using DBH from areas beyond the Dubbo LGA through facilitating access and reducing cost.

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The birthing women of Bourke could certainly do with somewhere to stay while waiting for labour to start.missjanemc - 12:58pm, 19-06-2013

This Idea has great merit as many struggle to afford accommodation in our town. Dodg - 1:29pm, 18-06-2013

This has been a major problem for the outback people traveling so far for medical health. Some opt to risk their own health due to being unable to afford the cost of alternate accomodation. As a manager of a medical center in the out back region I know its a great idea and well over due. Ihope you get alot of support. kuehn64 - 9:42pm, 05-06-2013

This is a great idea Rod. I think the wider Orana communities should really get behind as they are the ones who will truly benefit from this initiative. It's got my vote!dazaaah - 1:25pm, 31-05-2013