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The Uralla Story Project
by Uralla Sound Walk, posted 2013-05-07

Idea Description:

Imagine you are walking around the centre of town with your mobile, and suddenly you hear music, then a voice starts telling you stories from the past. This idea is to bring Uralla stories alive in the street by creating a sound walk that you can listen to on your smart phone. The stories are told by Uralla locals, woven in with music, myths, poetry and sounds from local artists and writers. It's a first in regional Australia. To get an idea of what it will be like, check out this project in the UK:  

Community Benefits:

More tourists stopping in town - Great for local businesses!                                                                       Connecting people through the sharing of stories.                                                                                       Celebrating the community.                                                                                                                     Encourages people to talk about our local heritage.                                                                                         A way of passing stories from the older generation to younger people.                                                             A new kind of cultural tourism in New England - Potential to spread to other communities.                               A forum for local artists to show off their work.

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What a fabulous concept. This is the start of something wonderful!Coralie - 7:29pm, 20-11-2013

great idea - new and unique tourists should love it patricia - 11:03am, 01-09-2013

What a great idea. Connecting people in real time to local history. Almost like "if these walls could talk". Imagine what it would be like if all the little towns & fading villages could "speak" to passersby. I sure hope this project grows legs! Vronnie - 5:58pm, 20-05-2013

This project is innovative in the way it allows a new audience to explore significant local culture: which is something we feel is an underutilised strength in our community. Our cultural innovation is critical. A huge round of applause from Arts North West.Arts North West - 8:59am, 17-05-2013

A unique idea that if it works can be replicated across other regional towns. Each town is different so even though the model is the same the stories will be localised.gcatsi - 8:19pm, 16-05-2013

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