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Warialda Play Park
by NFord, posted 2013-05-15

Idea Description:

Warialda currently has a park with broken and out of date equipment. My idea is to purchase some new equipment and add new item for the younger children. I would like to put soft fall rubber down. (At the moment theres bark chip down). I would like to make the play area as beautiful as the rest of the park. the local council has replaced the swing and will be replacing the existing small slide and two new rockers. As per other idea's from local we are looking at installing a fence around the play area. as the park backs on to the local creek. Also some new seats.

Community Benefits:

This is Warialda Main Park. It has toilets and a BBQ area. 

  1. Promote healthy lifestyles through fun play, activity and exercise.
  2. Become a place where children and their parents can spend time together outdoors, in a safe environment.
  3. Become an additional destination for people passing through Warialda. This is just what warialda need. I think this will not just benefit the community but all visitors to the town.

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I have so many fond memories of playing in this gorgeous park when I was a child and all the wonderful birthday parties shared. I look forward to bringing my own children to enjoy a revamped park when we visit family. Wishing you all the best with the fundraising Natasha. Bec84 - 8:53pm, 14-12-2016

This is a really worthy project, our precious little people will have great fun in a revamped park, well done Natasha!Jan Hancock - 6:36pm, 28-11-2016

Well done Tash Tania price-riley - 5:24pm, 28-11-2016

It would be great to see this beautiful park decked out in new equipment. Awesome initiative Tash.aluc - 4:16pm, 28-11-2016

Well done Tash. Laureen - 7:04pm, 21-10-2016

The park is beautiful and the park fundraisers are working so hard to make the park a safe and beautiful environment for the children Sharnie73 - 10:25pm, 20-10-2016

considering how little there is in such a small community, this would be great for the children and familieskylie82 - 6:42pm, 04-10-2016

Let the children play, I say ! Get them outside & active, in a safe environment. Deb S - 5:16pm, 01-07-2013

Well done NFord. Great idea! I know of someone involved in upgrading a playground in Tamworth that may be able to put you in contact with suppliers, etc if you need. I think they managed to raise quite a bit of money via donations from individuals and the business community and are building one in September. Good luck! dazaaah - 6:13pm, 29-05-2013

Fun-raising has already started for this project. im very excited to be involved in this. NFord - 12:06pm, 24-05-2013

Great Idea. Warialda really needs a new park. Wprice - 12:02pm, 24-05-2013

Great idea I also think fencing is a must for safety.carmelg - 7:24am, 24-05-2013

Fantastic idea & I also believe afence to stop little ones from wandering onto the the road & to the creekislandwoman - 10:14pm, 23-05-2013

Fantastic idea! Our park is in need of updating.Sharon - 9:35pm, 23-05-2013

Brilliant idea! Another idea would be to incorporate some fencing to keep littlies safe from the road and also the creek. AmyBrooks - 3:33pm, 23-05-2013

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