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Warialda Youth Park
by awillis, posted 2013-05-25

Idea Description:

This is an old proposal with plans lost during the merger of Shires. The area proposed was the vacant triangle of land near Nicolson Oval.Pictured. A Skate Park has already been built in another area but beside it there could be a BMX track, cement drafts game using tyres, handball court, half tennis against a brick wall, half basketball court, dog obstacle course, solid pin pong table, any game that can be outdoors and durable. Further down the track a lockable pavilion that the local groups or school SRCs might like to run on certain days hiring equipment, selling drinks and snacks, belting out music, running competitions. Shade sails, fountains etc even further down the track.

Community Benefits:

Will give the Youth somewhere to go rather then breaking into school play areas and wandering the streets. Would like to see the Youth actually involved in building each activity either through school subjects, the new trade training center or with community groups. Would also like the area to be administered by the Youth with a committee chosen each year to be responsible for the area and fund raise for the next activity to be built. Encourage youth to participate in the community and take responsibility.

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