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Armidale's World-Class Garden
by reallycoolgardener, posted 2013-05-30

Idea Description:

The image above is from one of the many world-class gardens. This one is in Canada but it could be in Armidale. We too are a city of garden lovers but while there are many spectacular private gardens here, Armidale has no significant public garden. We think it is time that Armidale had a cool climate botanic garden. We are a group of four garden lovers who have been dreaming this dream for some time.

Where would it be located?  The ideal location is the area that used to house the Teachers' College playing fields - the Moran Reserve. This area is already home to a number of community-oriented organisations: NERAM, Community Radio, ACCKP, the Armidale Family History Group, the Gymnastics Club, the Museum of Education, the Community Garden and the Rugby Club. The Garden would occupy the remaining space.

It must be financially self-supporting.  Any keen gardener knows that gardens are expensive. A less than world-class garden would be a financial burden and would fairly rapidly degenerate to a park. A world-class garden will attract visitors from far and wide. Since it will be an Armidale community garden, Armidalians will have free access, but since visitors will pay, the garden will be self-sustaining.

How will it happen?  It will happen if enough of us want it to happen.

It will require the voluntary input of the full range of skills that are distributed among us, but voluntary labour is not enough. Substantial funds will have to be raised locally and from government and private philanthropic sources. No sod can be turned until we can clearly see a financial pathway, but the catch is that no potential donors will donate until they see evidence of strong community support.

Community Benefits:

“I’ll meet you in the garden,” will become a commonplace Armidalian phrase. Armidalians meet in cafes to chat, but there is no culture of meeting for a coffee and chat or stroll in a place of ever-changing outstanding beauty. The Garden will be a place of outstanding beauty, providing a place for friends and families to meet, stroll (with or without dog), sit, admire, drink coffee and tea and eat. It will be illuminated on warm (or warmish) evenings. There will be places for children to play. It will be a place for outdoor musical and dramatic performances in this city of cultural wealth. It will be a place for weddings.

Every dollar that a visitor spends in our city benefits all of us. A world-class garden will make Armidale the preferred stopover place for travellers on the New England Highway. It will draw travellers from the coast to the inland route. The Garden will strengthen Armidale businesses and provide jobs for our citizens.

Building the Garden will only happen if we are successful in galvanising and sustaining the imagination, enthusiasm, generosity and industry of a broad swathe of the Armidale community on a scale not seen in every generation. If we succeed in doing this there will be a benefit of social cohesion that will last as long as the garden.

How can you help?

If you believe that a world-class cool climate botanic garden would be a worthy asset for Armidale, please vote for it. Or if you are prepared to contribute some of your time to help the idea become a reality please sign the petition section.

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This is an immense project, but thoroughly deserving of widespread support from Armidale folk! Everyone appreciates a garden and such a meeting place would be a wonderful facility for this city of ours - let's get behind it and make the dream a reality!!Petertee - 3:04pm, 04-03-2014

This is really a project after my own heart. Lets see it through to fruition. I am sure that it will increase the profile of this very special small city.Roslyn Moran - 1:53am, 31-07-2013

As one of the daughters of Mick Moran whom the reserve was named for. I believe that he would have welcomed the idea as a great asset to the community. Alison m c - 4:38pm, 29-07-2013

A terrific idea which deserves strong community support. What a potential bonus for this lovely - 4:40pm, 27-07-2013

What a fabulous idea! But a BIG project in more ways than just the hard work!Jude Cstello - 12:18pm, 20-06-2013

I love this idea - with good design and guidance from experts, different groups in the community could be responsible for specific sections. A good way to engage our elderly residents once the garden is established.Jenny18 - 9:05am, 17-06-2013

Yeah there are a lot of keen gardeners in Armidale, and the four distinct seasons would also be a draw cardIain - 12:51pm, 13-06-2013

Congratulations Kel, and everyone else involved. It's great to see this project taking a higher public profile. I look forward to seeing how much support there is. Come on Armidale! Imagine how this beautiful garden would complement NERAM, the Keeping Place and Black Gully. It could become the most beautiful set of playing fields in Australia!adamblakester - 9:38am, 13-06-2013

Fantastic idea, just what the town needs to attract tourism. Well donereallycoolgardener - 6:58pm, 30-05-2013

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