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Australias First Freshwater Aquarium
by davom8, posted 2013-06-20

Idea Description:

My idea involves the development and opening of a large Freshwater Aquarium Center, I believe the first of its kind in australia. Armidale is the perfect location as it sits right on the dividing range, which is the dividing point between most freshwater species in australia, this would allow a perfect place for displaying both east of the range and west of the range aquatic life.

Community Benefits:

My idea will benefit the community by creating not only an educational but an entertaining venue for children and adults alike to come and learn and enjoy about australias native rivers and waterways. This would educate the public further about how to care for local waterways. The Aquarium would un-doubtedly have running costs and therefore it would charge an entry fee and the possibility of buying food to feed to the fish. Not only would the entry fee allow the place to run but hopefully would provide the possibility to hire many local workers. The aquarium for these reasons would be an economic stimulus for the area and would help armidale grow and flourish.

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