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Rose Carnival
by GIMBC, posted 2013-07-02

Idea Description:

The 'Rose Carnival' is an Annual Lawn Bowls event in its 56th year.

The Rose Carnival is organised and run by the Glen innes Bowling Club's Men and Lady bowlers.

The Carnival is in the form of a bowling competition which will be run over 5 days in 2013 from 6th to the 10th November

The carnival is frequented by Junior, Men and Lady Bowlers from the local community as well as New South Wales and Queensland.  This brings outside competition to the local bowling community which gives them the opportunity to further their experience and advance their game of lawn bowls.

Community Benefits:

The huge influx of competitors and visitors for the Annual 5 day event sees substantial benefits to the local community in the utilisation by these people of the various accommodation, eatery, restaurants, clubs, hotels and retail outlets in the business centre and surrounds, boosting the local business economy.

Previous years have shown that the Annual event and visitors are welcomed and embraced by the local business houses, many of whom support the event with donations.

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