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Armidale RSPCA Adopt a Pet Day Shelter
by ArmidaleRSPCA, posted 2013-07-12

Idea Description:

We would like to build a shelter at the Creeklands in Armidale near the Information Centre for our monthly Adopt A Pet Days. We currently hold these out in the open, as we are not allowed to use the picnic areas, and there is no other shelter from rain for the animals or volunteers. Having a sheltered area will mean we don't have to cancel these events when it rains, and volunteers and animals will be more comfortable all year round.

Community Benefits:

The Armidale and District Branch of the RSPCA rehomes around 300 companion animals a year. Many have been abandoned or are unwanted, including those we rescue from the Companion Animal Shelter. Adopt a Pet Days provide an opportunity for members of the community to come along and meet the animals we have available for adoption. We adopt many of our animals through these events. With a shelter, we'll be able to hold these events all year round, and we won't have to cancel them if it rains. The shelter will belong to the community, so other individuals and groups would also be able to use it.

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Hey guys, what's the status with this idea? Last I heard it was ready to be constructed early this year. Looking forward to it and cant wait!!!Chase - 10:47pm, 11-06-2015

Wonderful positive idea. Would make really good sense to go ahead with this project being built. I also agree with the name to be called 'AAPD Shed' fixfarmroads - 4:19pm, 04-11-2013

The provision of an all-weather facility for The Armidale RSPCA Adopt a Pet Day Shelter is an essential requirement for the continuation of the wonderful work local RSPCA volunteers do in finding homes for abandoned and loveless animals. PKG - 3:38pm, 30-10-2013

Awesome idea, long overdue. It shouldn't be called a shelter but the 'AAPD Shed'. good luck :0 :)Chillidog - 5:45pm, 23-10-2013

Great idea, should have happened sooner. Good luck. Jonsonny1 - 10:13pm, 21-10-2013

A really worthy cause benefitting both animals and volunteers. Such a caring group here and are hugely successful in their efforts at re-homing and looking after animals in our region. I have been to the rehoming days and it is windy most of the time- also bitterly cold in the winter and stinking hot in the summer. Lets do something positive to help out.Lynn - 11:45am, 07-09-2013

Good luck I hope you get your Shelter, it is such a good cause :)award - 6:55pm, 03-09-2013

Everyone should get behind this great idea! RSPCA do so much for the community - this is an excellent idea!Gemoomoo62 - 9:22am, 27-08-2013

Surely this is the least we can do for the people who donate so much time, energy and money to care for animals who do not have a permanent home. careforall - 1:32pm, 26-08-2013

Fabulous project! It would be great to have a seat in the shelter with a plaque in memory of Jenny Bristow who did so much for the RSPCA animals in Armidale.WendyS - 8:44pm, 24-08-2013

This group of volunteers do a great job. Having access to shelter for the adopt-a-pet days seems like a necessity to me.LindaC - 9:07am, 23-08-2013

Lets build a shelter for our furry friends azizah williams - 9:35pm, 22-08-2013

Let's help save those voiceless wonderful precious furry friends and do it with a new shelter!Frida Jessie - 10:45am, 21-08-2013

Let's help those who help our furry friends!Vaughan Tuition - 9:38am, 15-08-2013

A very necessary idea hope it happens soon.dianne fromm - 4:24pm, 10-08-2013

Great organisation - great ideaSooty - 1:46pm, 31-07-2013

Great idea..make it happen team!Goodzy - 11:34am, 18-07-2013

Wonderful idea, we should all help the RSPCA in any way we can. If it wasn't for the Armidale and District Branch of the RSPCA I would never have known the joy and devotion that my beautiful German Shepherd Bundy gave me for more than 9 years. Sadly today is the first Anniversary of his final journey, at 13 and a half years old, but he lives in the hearts of all my family forever....Thank you RSPCA. Maccy - 2:51pm, 17-07-2013

Love this idea - great community benefit!eClare - 9:46am, 17-07-2013

The Armidale and District Branch of the RSPCA really needs its own shelter in the creeklands area. The RSPCA Adopt A Pet Day is such a part of Armidale now. My mother recently became a volunteer with the RSPCA in Armidale and went to the last Adopt A Pet Day. Mum said it was incredibly cold, & whilst she wanted to do the work as a volunteer found the weather made it much less enjoyable. A shelter could also encourage more people to come and adopt animals especially in the cooler months as they would know they wouldn't get as cold.Maryanne100 - 11:25am, 16-07-2013

An absolute must I would say for our fantastic volunteers & their trusty wards!Judy - 11:06am, 16-07-2013

Great Idea!! I say yesTully - 10:37am, 16-07-2013