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Sensory learning Area
by JennyAtkin, posted 2013-07-25

Idea Description:

I would like to transform an existing Quad area at Guyra Central School into a Sensory Learning Area. In our small community/school we have a number of students with special needs and disabilities. This area would be transformed into an ideal learning space with:*  Soft fall at one end so that the students can be involved in a variety of gross motor and sporting activities.(PE/PD/Health) * Raised garden beds for vegetables, plants and flowers(Science)*Sandpit and water play areas * Tables for whole class and small groups to work at * Chalkboards, hopscotch etc 

Community Benefits:

This fantastic learning space will not only benefit all students at Guyra Central School but other community groups such as playgroups and the preschool will be able to utilise it as well.

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