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Armidale Library and Performing Arts Centre
by manker, posted 2013-08-15

Idea Description:

Armidale desperately needs a more spacious and modern library. The Armidale Dumaresq Civic Precinct committee is working hard to bring this about as part of an imaginative plan to redevelop the area between Cinders Lane and Rusden Street.

The civic precinct project will comprise a new library, a performing arts centre, and a renovated town hall. The existing rather untidy Cinders Lane car park will be replaced by an equivalent facility beneath the new library, and a landscaped walkway will lead pedestrians from the mall/Cinders Lane area to the library entrance near Rusden Street. The performing arts centre will then be constructed on the site vacated by the present library.

Community Benefits:

The new library will provide more space and more pleasant conditions for staff and users. An internet cafe at the entrance to the building will provide improved computer facilities for the public and a convenient social meeting place, while separate meeting spaces will provide for more private small group meetings.

The performing arts centre is also a much needed facility that will permit Armidale to be included on the itinerary of many performing shows that currently bypass our town. As well as providing a boost to Armidale's economy generally, it will also benefit local traders by generating more pedestrian traffic in the CBD area.

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