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Barraba Courthouse Restoration, Museum Relocation & Opening
by courthousemuseum, posted 2013-09-03

Idea Description:

The Historical Society wishes to restore the Barraba Courthouse to relocate and reopen the towns Historical Museum with a 21st century display. It is a three staged project, with the 1st stage being restoration of the courtroom and adjacent rooms, therefore, opening the front section to the public, and restoration & painting of the outside of the building including landscape gardening.

Community Benefits:

The Courthouse is the oldest commercial brick building in Barraba, it has huge historical meaning for our town and region and its restoration would secure its future. The museum has lots of historical artifacts & documents donated by many local pioneering families and businesses in the region. We wish to protect this memorabilia and have it stored safely for future generations. We are relocating the Deans Room which will be reestablished as a training/seminaar space for all community use. Also we will have a small theatre room in the Courthouse for viewing historical films & documentaries. Together with the Mens Shed, located on site, the Courthouse area will become a hub of community activity and assist in enlivening the main street and Barraba as a community.

How can you help out?

We welcome new members to the Nandewar Historical Society and anyone who is interested in helping with the restoration and the museum displays. We are currently cataloguing our current collection to be moved to the Courthouse Site and would welcome members of the community iterested in giving us a hand. There are heaps of interesting things to be discovered by being a member of the Historical Society.

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This is a really impressive project. It will be great for people to be able to go into the historic courtroom as well as a great place to house the museum collection.Trixie - 4:05pm, 03-09-2013

This is a great development for the Main Street of Barraba as well as giving another reason for people to visit here. The existing museum is to small and the building needs a lot of upgrading if it is to open to the public which is why the Courthouse is the best option.courthousemuseum - 12:10pm, 03-09-2013