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Public Outdoor Ping Pong POPP for Civic Park
by JustJay, posted 2014-02-21

Idea Description:

Everyone loves ping pong!  It's fun, physical, anyone can play and it promotes fitness and well-being.

A permanent ping pong table in Civic Park would increase activity and attract more people to what is an under-utilised open space in Armidale.

The best thing is that POPP ( have already designed a solid, weather-proof table for this very purpose!

Don't think that this would be some eyesore dropped in the middle of what is a beautiful green open space.  We could run a design competition amongst local artists to turn the table into a functional piece of art!

Outdoor ping pong tables can be found in cities across Europe and more recently Australia.  Cities such as Brunswick and Fitzroy in Melbourne, Surrey Hills in Sydney, Wagga Wagga and Newcastle already have them.  A vibrant cultural town such as Armidale needs an open space with activities for people people of all ages to meet, play and have fun!

Community Benefits:

A permanent outdoor ping pong table would help give one of Armidale's open spaces an activity that people of all ages can enjoy.

Ping pong promotes health, fitness and well-being.

The best cities in the world have open spaces where family and friends can meet and they draw people in with the activities that they have on offer.  This would help steer Civic Park in the right direction.

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Great idea, could be better to have it placed in Curtis Park and have bats and balls for sale from the Visitors Information Centre during opening hours or bring your own from home.ArmidaleSportsCouncil - 8:40am, 04-05-2015

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Public Outdoor Ping Pong POPP for Civic ParkPublic Outdoor Ping Pong POPP for Civic ParkPublic Outdoor Ping Pong POPP for Civic ParkPublic Outdoor Ping Pong POPP for Civic Park