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Armidale Music Bowl
by Crofty, posted 2014-07-08

Idea Description:

Music Bowls are a valuable, popular feature in many other communities. They provide a great outdoor venue for performances such as music, drama and comedy.

Due to Armidale’s hilly position there are a number of suitable locations where the Bowl could be built to take advantage of a natural amphitheatre, ensuring great views and acoustic benefits.

A great potential location would be in Drummond Memorial Park below the lookout on North Hill. This space is currently underutilised by the community and is a prime spot to be turned into a facility that could be further used and enjoyed.

In addition to the stage and roof further development could involve landscaped tiering, public amenities and facilities for stalls and vendors.

Community Benefits:

Due to the simple, open layout a music bowl would be suitable for a wide variety of uses and crowd sizes.

It could be used free of charge by community groups to showcase their talents and made available for hire to commercial productions. As such it would bring both revenue and top quality entertainment to Armidale for the benefit of the town and enjoyment of the community.

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A good location would be near NERAM where the Black Gully Festival happens every year and there is a little stage already. RobertH - 4:43pm, 21-12-2016

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