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Learn To Ride Bike Track in Aberdeen
by Jodie82, posted 2014-10-21

Idea Description:

Aberdeen All Stars was formed with the vision of building a learn to ride bike track here in Aberdeen.

We are working with UH Shire Council to put the learn to ride bike track at Jefferson Park alongside the Skatepark, Tennis Courts and play equipment.

Community Benefits:

Aberdeen is quite hilly and we wanted to provide a safe place for parents and educators to teach youngsters the basic of road rules.

This track would be completely flat and allow older members of the community a safe place to walk as well as people recovering from disabilities.

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there is one of these in Singleton, it is very popular and great learning for the kids. do what you can to convince the powers that be to build one. If it saves one child's life, it is worth ten times more than what it will costWal - 1:41pm, 18-05-2015

This an awesome idea.. Wish it was there when my children were younger!! I think it will be very beneficial to the young and old alike..Kerrin - 11:31am, 26-02-2015

This is a fantastic idea.Jacinda80 - 8:52pm, 16-12-2014

Awesome idea for a community that have a growing number of kidsSusie321 - 6:20pm, 16-12-2014

amazing idea! definitely worth it!sezzii17 - 6:38pm, 28-10-2014

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