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Canteen and Facilities at Moree BMX Track
by Moree BMX, posted 2014-10-25

Idea Description:

We have recently reopened the Moree BMX Club after 10 years and are in desperate need of basic facilities. We are looking to get some funding for a canteen, toilets, lights, resurfacing, storage unit and PA system at the Moree BMX Track. These items will enable us to hold events such as club meets and regional races in Moree.

Community Benefits:

Having these basic facilities will enable the Moree BMX Club to hold events for the local members and community as well as inter-club meets and state titles. These events will encourage tourism to the town as well as giving the youth of our community a positive outlet for their energy. BMX is a sport where full family participation can take place with riders welcome from age 3 to 73 and beyond.

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Good luck,happy to support something to benefit the community.Sweep - 6:14am, 19-05-2015

Good luck! Happy to throw my support behind something to benefit the community!MDahlstrom - 11:11pm, 14-05-2015

What a brilliant initiative for the Moree Community!! Good luck Moree BMXers AnniC - 5:59pm, 14-05-2015

Moree BMX Club is fantastic providing another great sporting option for the Moree community, family's spending time together riding and racing bicycles it really doesn't get much better. Chris Thomas thomas lee motorcycles - 8:04am, 18-02-2015

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Canteen and Facilities at Moree BMX TrackCanteen and Facilities at Moree BMX Track