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Upgrade Court Lighting Merriwa Tennis Club
by merriwatennis, posted 2014-11-07

Idea Description:

*Replace failing court lighting system at Merriwa Tennis Club, King George V Ave, Merriwa.

* The existing system has 8 light poles each with 3 x 1500W metal halide globes. 40% of the lights are not working and, due to the age of the system, spares are not available. Three poles only have one working light remaining. The loss of any further lights will make night tennis unplayable.

New system would increase energy efficiency by at least 55% (even more if LED lighting is used)

Community Benefits:

Night tennis has been an institution in Merriwa since 1955.

Tennis provides a healthy way that people in rural communities can gather together to increase physical activity, increase social interaction and break down the barriers associated with isolation and rural living.

Tennis is one of the few sports that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and by both males and females.

Adequate court lighting opens the possibility to play a number of other sports at the tennis courts. The club is planning future provision for a multipurpose court where netball, volleyball, futsal and basketball can be played.

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