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Community Emergency Water Assistance
by natasha, posted 2014-11-13

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Community Emergency Water Assistance

What happens to families on small rural properties that do not have access to town water when the tank runs dry?

The drought affects so many to different extents. The effects are all relative. 

Being on acreage and only on tank water can be extremely expensive and a stress that is always in the back of many families’ minds. 

I am sure many families can relate to running out of tank water and not having the luxury of being on town water.  Sometimes water cannot be delivered in time, sometimes families simply do not have that extra couple of hundred dollars to fill their tank each month so they don’t.  They wait and they wish for rain, they check the water daily and finally the tap does not turn on. 

My wish would be to have an emergency water supply available for families facing this crisis.  A slush fund with several water suppliers to ensure water suppliers are both willing and able to make those emergency water deliveries for struggling and desperate families.

Many families work very hard to make ends meet and the drought is yet another stumbling block.  Many on small acreage still run several animals but are too small and not able to access drought relief nor does any other kind of government assistance exist for these situations. It would be a wonderful stress reliever for families to know there was a local system in place for times of emergencies when the family know they can access an emergency water supply free of charge and quickly.

I propose that there is a link on either the council or Community Mutual web site that families can pre-register their interest and join the emergency water database.  Once registered, they are officially on the list to ask for a load of water when needed.   I understand the supply and funding is not endless so I propose each family has an allowance of two – three free water drops per year. This would of course be dependent on funds raised and number of registered families. 

I propose the finding is raised by four methods.

·         Fundraising at local events

·         A link on the council and community mutual web site web site that individuals can make donations to the cause

·         • Corporate funding/sponsorship from local businesses and corporates.

        A minimal amount could be added to our rates and individuals can choose whether or not they would like to pay that contribution on their rates. This would work in a similar fashion to what schools call the voluntary building find payment.

Community Benefits:

So many benefits

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