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Outdoor Chess
by Pete, posted 2014-11-20

Idea Description:

Outdoor Chess is fun - it brings communities together in a fun and stimulating environment as chess is an all age and all gender inclusive game. It could be set up for weekends; school hols; market days and special events. It could be also used to promote healthy and fun competitions amongst communities / schools etc.

Community Benefits:

Outdoor Chess is relatively inexpensive to set up - there are plenty of options available for purchase via internet in Aust. All age and gender inclusive; the more mature can teach the young and young at heart. It is a mind game and can be challenging and stimulating for all participants and observers. It is played in an outdoor environment with some added physical benefits - you get to move the chess pieces !!

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What a great idea Pete....good on you, it was suggested about 10 years ago but never happened and we really do need to improve on activities for our youth of Uralla and chess is something everyone can enjoy, even observers. Need to think about security for chess pieces to keep them safe.Uralla Rivercare Group - 11:23am, 14-01-2015

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