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Bungee at Dangar Falls
by rebrooka, posted 2015-01-16

Idea Description:

One of Armidale’s greatest assets is its beautiful natural surrounds; national parks, gorges and waterfalls.

While some residents and tourists relish these surrounds, what if it was made appealing to the thrill seekers?

Dangar Falls would be a great location for bungee jumping, and would attract young tourists in any season. It would be the perfect combination of tranquillity and adrenaline. Imagine free falling from the top of Dangar falls!

Community Benefits:

There are very few places to bungee jump in Australia, so this would be a huge advantage for Armidale.

Currently there are many things to attract an older demographic to Armidale. Bungee would generally attract younger tourists. Obviously the tourist dollar contributing to the Armidale economy would be of great benefit.

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This would be a great idea. We have loads of "adventure" tourism potential up here. Lets use it.TONE - 2:15pm, 31-01-2015