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Armidale Outdoor Fitness Stations
by ArmidaleSportsCouncil, posted 2015-04-02

Idea Description:

To install three fitness stations along the creeklands in Armidale that link up with the shared pathway. Main site located at Curtis Park, Second site on Markham Street and third site in the open space near Holmes Avenue on the pathway.

Community Benefits:

The community will be able to participate in physical activity free of charge whenever they want. The sites will be linked so you can plan a workout running, walking or cycling from each station to the next.

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This is a great idea but you should include one in the Moran Reserve down near the Football ovals. Already a major walking track along the Black Gully. RobertH - 4:44pm, 21-12-2016

I think this is a great idea because it ... • Facilitates & promotes fitness in our community. • Promotes a culture of community inclusion/engagement through social infrastructure. • Attracts new residents to Armidale: Social Infrastructure is tremendously attractive & important to many people (particularly young people/families) who could potentially be interested in moving to Armidale. These sorts of visible community facilities make a strong positive statement about who we are and what we stand for as a community. Judith - 1:07pm, 06-05-2015

We want people to be active and exercise outdoors. I was a frequent user of the facility even in its old poor condition until sadly it was removed.JohnM - 2:57pm, 05-05-2015

Definitely need such kind of stations to be built. Especially chin up bars. There are no suitable and accessible outdoor chin up bars in town.Igor - 5:18pm, 01-05-2015

I hope these are able to be built ASAP. My athletics training squad regularly used the old site at Harris Park (we made the best of it in its poor condition right until the end), and its removal has left a gap in our training program. I look forward to new sites being developed that can provide my squad and the commmunity with locations to work on various aspects of health & fitness. Jay Stone[email protected] - 3:07pm, 02-04-2015