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Projected Field of Outlaw Dreams
by MickAlldis, posted 2016-01-08

Idea Description:

Located in the SportUNE precinct, we are the newest sporting team in Armidale - the Outlaws Baseball team. We have the space available to build a first class baseball diamond including back netting and dugouts. This will attract teams from the Coast and Tamworth to come and play games in Armidale  and also allow for Softball to have a permanent home in the Summer. Our field fits snugly in the bottom corner of the SportUNE complex (see pic to the right) and we will have the diamond ready by mid March, with the back net to follow. 

Community Benefits:

This development allows for a new sport to be re-introduced to Armidale after once being a thriving sport here a decade ago. It gives young & active people an opportunity to play a non contact sport and will bring teams to play  (and spend money) in the city as well. Already we have attracted enough male & female players to field an A Grade and a B Grade team in the Tamworth competition. It could also be utilised by school groups and the university for UniGames teams. As it often gets said - 'build it and they will come'. 

How can you help out?

Always looking for players, supporters and sponsors. We will play 6 games in Armidale (and 12 games in Tamworth) this season and we look forward to the local community coming out to join in the fun! If you would like to become a co-owner of the team (benefits include a free cap and Certificate of Ownership) you can join our ever growing list by contacting Mick at [email protected]

You can help spread the word about voting here and join our Facebook page - 'Armidale Baseball' to keep updated on all the relevant info & happenings

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On Saturday 21 May, we play the first games of baseball in Armidale in about 15 years. We welcome everyone to come down to SportUNE and cheer on the Armidale Outlaws from 12 noon (B Grade) and 2pm onwards for our Opening Ceremony and then the A Grade game from 2.20pm - 4.40pm. We will be operating a bar, canteen and BBQ all afternoon and hope you can call in and help us re-launch baseball in Armidale! MickAlldis - 7:22pm, 17-05-2016

Congrats! We have just reintroduced Baseball back into the Hastings (PMQ) after a long break. We know how hard it is to get it back up and running. Easter Carnival is being played this weekend after many years. Hope to see you over here in the future!Linda Dewbery - 4:08pm, 25-03-2016

Hey guys, just joined to give you a vote, it's coming from North Balwyn Baseball Club in Melbourne. Good luck! KarenNBBC - 6:59pm, 18-03-2016

New images of our first big working bee day on the weekend (12/03/16) - great crew worked hard for 6 hrs and we look like we have the makings of a pretty special ball park ... lot of work to go, but we have our footprint down now.... baseball is back in Armidale NSW!!MickAlldis - 10:35pm, 13-03-2016

Simply amazing.... thanks to EVERYONE who shared, voted and worked tirelessly to get us to a staggering 500 votes in 2 months. We are super excited to begin work on our new ground this weekend and this will help us to achieve our goals - thanks Community Mutual - your support in the New England area is outstanding!MickAlldis - 12:13pm, 11-03-2016

All the best Mick.Theresonlyonetimmy - 11:46am, 11-03-2016

Great work Mick, you have done an amazing job with this project. Hope all goes well for The Outlaws. If I was in the area I could even be persuaded to throw on a glove again if you had a veterans team. Think I'm getting a little long in the tooth to go up against these young guys. Will contact you about ownership soon. Burmo.mburmingham - 10:01am, 11-03-2016

Done .. Good luck Brother Mick ! sherr1ff - 8:27am, 11-03-2016

Good luck Mick, great uniforms but not as good as the Mariners, ClubbaClubba - 7:41am, 11-03-2016

Best of luck with this project Mick!kgrenyer - 12:09am, 11-03-2016

Good Luck Mick, just voted. Great project, all the very best mate.DarrylMorris - 10:55pm, 10-03-2016

Good luck with the field...we could only dream of having our standalone field down here. All the best, perhaps we could arrange some matches against Tasmania at some stage. We were visited last year by the Northern Pirates from Wollongong for a successful weekend. David. President Baseball TasmaniaTassie Batter - 5:31pm, 10-03-2016

Good luck with the field guys, sending my vote from the Melb Uni baseball club in MelbourneSwinship - 10:03am, 10-03-2016

Good luck with the project.kayhempsall - 9:56am, 10-03-2016

This is an awesome idea and wish you the best of luck in this endeavor. As I know you have ties to the Drillers please feel free to stop by as I write a blog that is based off of my fan experience with the Drillers.th3truth - 7:48am, 10-03-2016

Well done guys! You have my full support, best of luck,JanelleWales - 5:10am, 10-03-2016

Well done Outlaws ... if every baseball club in Aust took the same approach as you guys have they would be closing their membership before the end of the month ... absolute pleasure to be one of the inaugural co-owners of the club .. rhinorobbo - 12:20am, 10-03-2016

Go Pat!! tesshawkins - 8:31pm, 09-03-2016

Great Project Idea Guys! You have my vote! All the best!ClareA - 8:10pm, 09-03-2016

Good luck from us at Blacktown Workers BaseballNate - 7:09pm, 09-03-2016

PLBC you...let's set up a club support group...go boysWakwalesy - 6:15pm, 09-03-2016

Proud to support this great initiative. Well done, Mick!Ashwin - 5:35pm, 09-03-2016

More & better Sporting Facilities is never a bad investment!Harvo4 - 9:34pm, 08-03-2016

Best of luck with your new ground.Cammo - 2:27pm, 08-03-2016

Good luck from the Blue Sox Sychos!Texan - 9:28am, 08-03-2016

Good Luck from the team @ Red Stitches :)silvia - 8:30am, 08-03-2016

East Hills Baseball voted for you! Hope you get the funding you need we know how much hard work it takes to get funds! Maybe one day we could bring a team to Armidale to play a "city v country" weekend. Go Outlaws! Jill Archer East Hills Baseball - 7:35am, 08-03-2016

Good Luck guys from Wests (Balmain) Boomers.DK - 2:35pm, 07-03-2016

Hope all goes well from Nth Ryde RSL Junior Baseball Ningbat - 4:46am, 07-03-2016

If you are new to this page and wish to vote for us, here is what you do: go to the "Join In" tab above - it will take a few minutes to register and you need a valid email address. Check your email and verify it.... come back and register your vote! Help us hit 500 in March.... thanks everyone....the support is amazing!!!!MickAlldis - 8:29am, 05-03-2016

Hi all , my name is Brett from The Sydney major league Club Canterbury Vikings. I have added your details to our closed group of 156 members which should help you with you vote numbers. Good luck Shuman - 2:35pm, 04-03-2016

Go Outlaws! Best of luck for your first season Gillyb - 11:19pm, 02-03-2016

I voted purely for the Field of Dreams reference. If you build it, they will come...Kieran S - 12:12pm, 02-03-2016

Our idea is well on the way to being a reality! This morning, Community Mutual has pledged a significant financial contribution in seeing our ground being built and we have until April 30th to add to our tally of votes (up to 500) to ensure the maxiumum financial benefit. I urge those who have already voted to share this idea with family/ friends/ colleagues and ask 2 minutes of their time to vote for our idea.... we need to get this built by the end of April to be ready to host our first game in early May...... Go Outlaws!!MickAlldis - 12:47pm, 01-03-2016

Wow! In less than 50 days the supporters of local grassroots sport and lovers of baseball have voted a RECORD number of times on the Heart of Our Community site - at 5.29am this morning, we gained our 284th vote...... Keep the support coming friends - we are a determined group and with great support we'll build a community club that Armidale can be proud of.... head over to our page on Facebook "Armidale Baseball" to keep up with all the updates and information MickAlldis - 7:32am, 23-02-2016

Mick is doing a super job of promoting, living and loving the great game of baseball. With his organization he will continue to build life long stories for those that love the game. Continued success to Mick at the Outlaws.Keeper of the Legends - 5:29am, 23-02-2016

Not too often you have 2 Major League Baseball players (Graeme Lloyd and Josh Spence) contact you and wish you all the best... but that is the sort of energy this team has generated! Its great to have some of Australia's finest ever baseballers endorse our efforts and perhaps one day we might develop our very own home grown MLB star! MickAlldis - 8:58pm, 19-02-2016

Good job Outlaws!Hilltop - 5:07pm, 18-02-2016

Good Luck Outlaws all the best. Ben Vice President Coffs Harbour Baseball BluesoxBenny - 11:10am, 18-02-2016

Good Luck Outlaws. I hope your field is the stuff we all dream of.Schneider Sports - 12:03am, 18-02-2016

Country baseball alive and well. tinker65 - 9:23pm, 17-02-2016

Good luck. I really hope this happens. I'd love to play in Armidale on a proper field. lovey - 6:44pm, 17-02-2016

The more options of sport the greater chance of getting people involved. Outdoors and Active!maca - 9:03am, 17-02-2016

good luck, was always fun playing the UNE guys at uni gamesjimbob19 - 10:05pm, 16-02-2016

Good luck Mick This is a great project mate, I'll be sharing with all my friends Go Outlaws !! Graeme GLloyd - 6:04pm, 16-02-2016

This is a great idea I hope it gets throughcnewson - 4:51pm, 16-02-2016

Wow! We click over 200 votes at 2.30pm on the 16th of Feb.... a staggering 39 days into our campaign! Keep up the great work everyone!!!MickAlldis - 2:32pm, 16-02-2016

I hope this all goes ahead. Would love to play again one day!Manbear92 - 11:11pm, 15-02-2016

Forty votes in the last 3 days! Great work everyone... it really shows how far reaching this idea has spread and we're starting to get our UNE students interested in it as well.... the chance to have a top class baseball diamond here at SportUNE may also attract the ABL teams for pre-season training and even some of the Japanese teams who are always on the lookout for innovative and new training venues (and have a history of coming to Australia). Keep sharing and voting people!!MickAlldis - 8:40pm, 15-02-2016

What a huge benefit this is not just for Armidale but for the whole NE area.Annie H - 12:12pm, 13-02-2016

150 votes and 100 likes..... we are staggered by the support!! Thanks everyone!! Great news today - we have been allocated a beautiful area of grass down at SportUNE and the ground will look a million dollars once we get it happening..... lots of faces at our training sessions and the bright orange uniform tops have arrived! MickAlldis - 8:33pm, 12-02-2016

Lets Go Outlaws !!!! Looking forward to playing in Armidale again and being apart of a great club. A field in Armidale will bring great opportunities for some great baseball and teams coming from all over the east coast want to play there which will be great for the community and the great game of baseball... LETS GO OUTLAWS!!!!! Bing Lee - 10:31am, 10-02-2016

Can you believe that only after 1 month on this site we already have 117 votes and still growing?!? Thanks for all your support everyone.... don't forget to share and talk to friends, family & colleagues about helping us make the field a reality.MickAlldis - 12:11am, 10-02-2016

Thanks Wayne, Clare & Jarraff - we are a very motivated and passionate team of baseballers and we have already had interest from Qld, NSW and Victorian teams to play some 'friendlies'.... stage 1 of our ground works should be happening in early March- you can keep an eye on all the developments at our facebook page 'Armidale Baseball'MickAlldis - 3:29pm, 09-02-2016

Go you good thing! What a wonderful initiative Mick! Go the OUTLAWS!Wayne Kolleger - 2:31pm, 09-02-2016

Good luck Outlaws hope to see you hit a home run on your home diamond in your home town in the not to distant future.Clare - 5:46pm, 08-02-2016

Good Luck OutLaws. Maybe you can take The REBELS On some time. 😉Jarraff - 12:00pm, 08-02-2016

We are on a roll - closing in on 100 votes! Keep the votes coming friends and supporters! We play our first practice game in Tamworth on Sunday 21 Feb and the guys cant wait to get onto a field and represent Armidale! We may also be the only sports team going around with 62 co-owners and 23 players.... but to have that much support and backing from such passionate people is what is driving us forward.... MickAlldis - 8:28pm, 07-02-2016

You keep up to date on the progress of our team and ground developments at our Facebook page 'Armidale Baseball'. MickAlldis - 3:12pm, 06-02-2016

Thanks for the great support everyone! Fantastic community support already from SportUNE, Bunnings Armidale, Sportspower Armidale, Namoi Valley Bricks and the Tamworth Baseball Assoc as well as further afield from John Edwards at Valhalla Sports & Phil Hannon at 'Keepers of the Legends' to get us on the field in April/ May. Lets keep those votes piling up!!MickAlldis - 3:11pm, 06-02-2016

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Projected Field of Outlaw DreamsProjected Field of Outlaw DreamsProjected Field of Outlaw DreamsProjected Field of Outlaw DreamsProjected Field of Outlaw DreamsProjected Field of Outlaw DreamsProjected Field of Outlaw DreamsProjected Field of Outlaw DreamsProjected Field of Outlaw DreamsProjected Field of Outlaw DreamsProjected Field of Outlaw DreamsProjected Field of Outlaw DreamsProjected Field of Outlaw DreamsProjected Field of Outlaw DreamsProjected Field of Outlaw DreamsProjected Field of Outlaw DreamsProjected Field of Outlaw DreamsProjected Field of Outlaw DreamsProjected Field of Outlaw DreamsProjected Field of Outlaw DreamsProjected Field of Outlaw DreamsProjected Field of Outlaw DreamsProjected Field of Outlaw DreamsProjected Field of Outlaw DreamsProjected Field of Outlaw DreamsProjected Field of Outlaw DreamsProjected Field of Outlaw Dreams