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Local Youth Robotics Team Assistance
by Vigar, posted 2019-07-06

Idea Description:

Tamworth is home to a number of robotics teams run both by schools and individuals. I hope to raise the profile of robotics as a sport to enable a local tournament to run on a regular basis. 

  • Events held at schools / Library
  • Kits on loan to teams to increase access
  • Sharing of resources and experience between teams at meetings
  • Coaches and mentors from industry
  • fields for VEX IQ / FTC and FRC availble for loan 

Community Benefits:

  • Increase wellbeing and connectedness of at-risk students through social interactions
  • Networking opportunities for students with engineering industry professionals
  • reduced barriers to entry for interested groups in the community 
  • Increased opportunities for teams to compete in the region rather than long travel and accomodation

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