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Big Assie BBQ by radar




This will take place in September.  We would like to set it up outside the Tamworth Community Office if permitted.  The idea would be to sell sausage sandwiches with proceeds going to the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia.  September is Prostate Awareness Month.

Big Assie BBQ

Better lighting at Central Park by rebrooka




There is a simple yet effective solution to better utilise Central Park, this being better lighting.

While residents seem to make use of the park during the day, because of the lack of lighting, people avoid it when the sun goes down.

Lighting up the pathways, illuminating the bea

Better lighting at Central Park

Bungee at Dangar Falls by rebrooka




One of Armidale’s greatest assets is its beautiful natural surrounds; national parks, gorges and waterfalls.

While some residents and tourists relish these surrounds, what if it was made appealing to the thrill seekers?

Dangar Falls would be a great location for bungee j

Bungee at Dangar Falls

Outdoor Chess by Pete




Outdoor Chess is fun - it brings communities together in a fun and stimulating environment as chess is an all age and all gender inclusive game. It could be set up for weekends; school hols; market days and special events. It could be also used to promote healthy and fun competitions amongst comm

Outdoor Chess

Community Emergency Water Assistance by natasha




Community Emergency Water Assistance

What happens to families on small rural properties that do not have access to town water when the tank runs dry?

The drought affects so many to different extents. The effects are all relative. 

Being on acreage and only on ta

Community Emergency Water Assistance

Upgrade Court Lighting Merriwa Tennis Club by merriwatennis




*Replace failing court lighting system at Merriwa Tennis Club, King George V Ave, Merriwa.

* The existing system has 8 light poles each with 3 x 1500W metal halide globes. 40% of the lights are not working and, due to the age of the system, spares are not available. Three poles

Upgrade Court Lighting Merriwa Tennis Club

Canteen and Facilities at Moree BMX Track by Moree BMX




We have recently reopened the Moree BMX Club after 10 years and are in desperate need of basic facilities. We are looking to get some funding for a canteen, toilets, lights, resurfacing, storage unit and PA system at the Moree BMX Track. These items will enable us to hold events such as club meet

Canteen and Facilities at Moree BMX Track

Learn To Ride Bike Track in Aberdeen by Jodie82




Aberdeen All Stars was formed with the vision of building a learn to ride bike track here in Aberdeen.

We are working with UH Shire Council to put the learn to ride bike track at Jefferson Park alongside the Skatepark, Tennis Courts and play equipment.

Learn To Ride Bike Track in Aberdeen

Fixing and Extending Paths around town by KieranPink




Fixing the foot paths around town that are broken or damaged, and extending them so that all town blocks have accessible footpaths for prams.

Fixing and Extending Paths around town

Armidale Music Bowl by Crofty




Music Bowls are a valuable, popular feature in many other communities. They provide a great outdoor venue for performances such as music, drama and comedy.

Due to Armidale’s hilly position there are a number of suitable locations where the Bowl could be built to take advantage of a n

Armidale Music Bowl

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