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Dubbo Base Hospital Accommodation Project by rod crowfoot




We are a newly incorporated association established for the simple intention of constructing patient accommodation on the redeveloped Dubbo Base Hospital site. Dubbo Base Hospital (DBH) serves the residents of, visitors to and travellers through the Macquarie Valley, particularly those

Dubbo Base Hospital Accommodation Project

Creating a gateway to the Macquarie Marshes by Bill Riversmart




Our not-for-profit organisation, with the support of the local Council, is about to start developing a community and visitor information centre in an old school house building beside the Tiger Bay Wetland in Warren.  This centre will offer multiple services to the community

Creating a gateway to the Macquarie Marshes

Warialda Play Park by NFord




Warialda currently has a park with broken and out of date equipment. My idea is to purchase some new equipment and add new item for the younger children. I would like to put soft fall rubber down. (At the moment theres bark chip down). I would like to make th

Warialda Play Park

Warialda Youth Park by awillis




This is an old proposal with plans lost during the merger of Shires. The area proposed was the vacant triangle of land near Nicolson Oval.Pictured. A Skate Park has already been built in another area but beside it there could be a BMX track, cement drafts game using tyres, handball court, half te

Warialda Youth Park

Armidale's World-Class Garden by reallycoolgardener




The image above is from one of the many world-class gardens. This one is in Canada but it could be in Armidale. We too are a city of garden lovers but while there are many spectacular private gardens here, Armidale has no significant public garden. We think it is time that Armidale had a

Armidale's World-Class Garden

Armidale Library and Performing Arts Centre by manker




Armidale desperately needs a more spacious and modern library. The Armidale Dumaresq Civic Precinct committee is working hard to bring this about as part of an imaginative plan to redevelop the area between Cinders Lane and Rusden Street.

The civic precinct project will comprise a new libr

Armidale Library and Performing Arts Centre

Scone Old Court Theatre Restoration by sconstable




The Old Court Theatre in Kingond St Scone was originally the Scone Court House, constructed in 3 sections; with the original court house being completed in 1849, jury room being added in 1862 and the new court house completed in 1882.

The Scone Community Amateur Dramatic Society (SCADS) pur

Scone Old Court Theatre Restoration

Rose Carnival by GIMBC



Glen Innes

The 'Rose Carnival' is an Annual Lawn Bowls event in its 56th year.

The Rose Carnival is organised and run by the Glen innes Bowling Club's Men and Lady bowlers.

The Carnival is in the form of a bowling competition which will be run ove

Rose Carnival

Australias First Freshwater Aquarium by davom8




My idea involves the development and opening of a large Freshwater Aquarium Center, I believe the first of its kind in australia. Armidale is the perfect location as it sits right on the dividing range, which is the dividing point between most freshwater species in australia, this would allow a p

Australias First Freshwater Aquarium

Movie Cinema Re-opened by Nathan Newcombe




Well to start off this idea is located in Cowra, but I wanted the movie cinema in Cowra to be re-opened because there is hardly anything for young people to do in cowra.

Movie Cinema Re-opened

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