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Dubbo Base Hospital Accommodation Project by rod crowfoot




We are a newly incorporated association established for the simple intention of constructing patient accommodation on the redeveloped Dubbo Base Hospital site. Dubbo Base Hospital (DBH) serves the residents of, visitors to and travellers through the Macquarie Valley, particularly those

Dubbo Base Hospital Accommodation Project

West Dubbo Dog Park by Jacquie Graham




I would like to see a dog park in West Dubbo.

There are a lot of fabulous walking trails but not anywhere for them to really stretch their legs.

Currently there is one over East and a small one in South. Surely there is land available somewhere.

West Dubbo Dog Park

Manilla Aquatic Center by Wendy




Manilla Aquatic Center would provide the whole community a safe place to swim and play all year round. With the exisiting pool and the additions of another with water play equipment, waterslide and whirlpool etc making it fun for the whole family. This center would be located at the current Manil

Manilla Aquatic Center

Manilla Road Safety Park and basketball hoop by Wendy




The park will be a safe welcoming place for families to go for kids to learn and participate in the rules of the road and something for the older childern maybe a basketball hoop. The park will be located at Chaffey Park near the skate park, touch fields and cricket pitch. It will work by simulat

Manilla Road Safety Park and basketball hoop

Armidale Rail Trail by bcgraham




A significant opportunity exists to raise the profile of Armidale, attract tourism and benefit the community. The disused rail line between Armidale and Guyra would be an ideal candidate for a cycle path. Such paths, known as Rail Trails, are being constructed all over Australia. Dubbo has create

Armidale Rail Trail

Little Book Library by Lofty




A Little Book Library is a pretty drop box on your street (or your front lawn), FULL OF BOOKS! Take one now, return one later. The idea is to have these dotted throughout our community, with a selection of your favourite pre-loved books in them (y

Little Book Library

Dumaresq Dam - Armidales Outdoor Recreational Hotspot by dalb




the provision of a diverse range of outdoor recreational opportunities provided @ Dumaresq Dam and its Foreshore Lands.  

Access to Dumaresq Dam is unrestricted, open to all and as a result, used by many on a regular basis. 

As such I am hoping we

Dumaresq Dam - Armidales Outdoor Recreational Hotspot

South Hill Playspace by South Hill Playspace




This idea would see the development of a community sensory play space. A concept plan can be uploaded and the pan includes access for people with disabilities to the grounds and to the play space and would be a space that the wider community would enjoy.

Location- Lynches Road Spor

South Hill Playspace

The Living History Project. by Keith




I have no idea where it could be located. The more land the better. I envision two separate buildings in one area but as separate as possible depending on how much ground is available.

One area for Medieval Living History, and one area for 18th century Living History. The 18th century build

The Living History Project.

Recreational Cycling Track by Scone sporting gps




A cycling/walking track around the perimeter of the Bill Rose Sports Complex would be a great addition to this hub of sporting events.  It could be a completely separate track, or make use of the road that leads to the pound and the road alongside the golf club. Adding some simple outdo

Recreational Cycling Track

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