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Riddim & Poetry by Devo Devrim




We would like to achieve social impact by engaging Indigenous children with Aboriginal languages, poetry and various rhythms. Initially, this will have two impacts: the first one is regarding Indigenous children's engagement with school, and the second one is regarding improving their li

Riddim & Poetry

Manilla Hospital Community Bus by Manilla Hospital Community Bus




We are asking for help to upgrade our Manilla Hospital Community Bus.

By donations, fundraising and Grants from our Tamworth Shire, local committees, Clubs, Banks, Shops and our local residents of Manilla.

Once purchased the bus will be owned by Manilla Hospital and mantained by the h

Manilla Hospital Community Bus

Guyra Community Garden Greenhouse by Guyra Community Garden




The greenhouse would be located in the exisiting Community garden space. This area is in the community precinct of the Guyra Neighborhood centre, Mens shed, library and Council building on Bradley street. The project would be managed by the Community Garden Committee

Guyra Community Garden Greenhouse

Local Youth Robotics Team Assistance by Vigar




Tamworth is home to a number of robotics teams run both by schools and individuals. I hope to raise the profile of robotics as a sport to enable a local tournament to run on a regular basis. 

  • Events held at schools / Library
  • Kits on loan to teams to increase acce

Local Youth Robotics Team Assistance

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