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Acquisition of Margaret Olley’s Masterpiece by NERAM




Margaret Olley’s, Yellow Room Triptych is regarded by many in the art world as her masterpiece.

Armidale’s New England Regional Art Museum is raising funds to purchase this magnificent oil painting from one of Australia’s most world renowned painters for its fa

Acquisition of Margaret Olley’s Masterpiece

Armidale Library and Performing Arts Centre by manker




Armidale desperately needs a more spacious and modern library. The Armidale Dumaresq Civic Precinct committee is working hard to bring this about as part of an imaginative plan to redevelop the area between Cinders Lane and Rusden Street.

The civic precinct project will comprise a new libr

Armidale Library and Performing Arts Centre

Armidale Music Bowl by Crofty




Music Bowls are a valuable, popular feature in many other communities. They provide a great outdoor venue for performances such as music, drama and comedy.

Due to Armidale’s hilly position there are a number of suitable locations where the Bowl could be built to take advantage of a n

Armidale Music Bowl

Armidale Outdoor Fitness Stations by ArmidaleSportsCouncil




To install three fitness stations along the creeklands in Armidale that link up with the shared pathway. Main site located at Curtis Park, Second site on Markham Street and third site in the open space near Holmes Avenue on the pathway.

Armidale Outdoor Fitness Stations

Armidale Rail Trail by bcgraham




A significant opportunity exists to raise the profile of Armidale, attract tourism and benefit the community. The disused rail line between Armidale and Guyra would be an ideal candidate for a cycle path. Such paths, known as Rail Trails, are being constructed all over Australia. Dubbo has create

Armidale Rail Trail

Armidale RSPCA Adopt a Pet Day Shelter by ArmidaleRSPCA




We would like to build a shelter at the Creeklands in Armidale near the Information Centre for our monthly Adopt A Pet Days. We currently hold these out in the open, as we are not allowed to use the picnic areas, and there is no other shelter from rain for the animals or volunteers. Having a shel

Armidale RSPCA Adopt a Pet Day Shelter

Armidale's World-Class Garden by reallycoolgardener




The image above is from one of the many world-class gardens. This one is in Canada but it could be in Armidale. We too are a city of garden lovers but while there are many spectacular private gardens here, Armidale has no significant public garden. We think it is time that Armidale had a

Armidale's World-Class Garden

Australia Day Celebrations by wayne moyer



Werris Creek

The Werris Creek Lions will run Australia Day celebrations for the district , at David Taylor Oval in Werris Creek. There are games for all ages with a BBQ and rides for the children.

The Australia Day ambassador will open the event about 6pm and then the fun begins with a fireworks display

Australia Day Celebrations

Australian Garden History Society - NthNSW Branch Heritage Rose Garden by Armidale Heritage Rose Garden




Our idea is to develop a significant heritage rose garden on the site of the former orchard at Saumarez Homestead. To date we have drawn up a plan and begun to move some of the 850 heritage roses which have been donated by an Armidale resident. The local branch of the Australian Garden Histor

Australian Garden History Society - NthNSW Branch Heritage Rose Garden

Australias First Freshwater Aquarium by davom8




My idea involves the development and opening of a large Freshwater Aquarium Center, I believe the first of its kind in australia. Armidale is the perfect location as it sits right on the dividing range, which is the dividing point between most freshwater species in australia, this would allow a p

Australias First Freshwater Aquarium

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