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Discover New Horizons Park by JanGrant




Can you please give us a rundown of your idea? How will it work? Where in your community will it be located? Discover New Horizons park will consist of a park in the town centre of Coonabarabran. The park will house undercover seating in a garden environment. The Discover New Horizon

Discover New Horizons Park

Water Park and Recreation Area by JanGrant




The Water Park and Recreation Area will fill a need in the Coonabarabran and surrounding communities. Coonabarabran once had a great theme park in Mini Land. When this was dismantled, there was no place for people of the Coonabarabran community to go for a day out.

The Water Park and R

Water Park and Recreation Area

Heated Indoor Hydro Pool And Therapy Centre by JanGrant




Our community has people with disabilities, people recovering from sports injury and an ageing population.

There will be massage rooms available for local masseurs to hire on daily or weekly basis.

The Heated Indoor Hydro Pool and Therapy Centre will be community run. There

Heated Indoor Hydro Pool And Therapy Centre

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