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Manilla Road Safety Park and basketball hoop by Wendy




The park will be a safe welcoming place for families to go for kids to learn and participate in the rules of the road and something for the older childern maybe a basketball hoop. The park will be located at Chaffey Park near the skate park, touch fields and cricket pitch. It will work by simulat

Manilla Road Safety Park and basketball hoop

Manilla Aquatic Center by Wendy




Manilla Aquatic Center would provide the whole community a safe place to swim and play all year round. With the exisiting pool and the additions of another with water play equipment, waterslide and whirlpool etc making it fun for the whole family. This center would be located at the current Manil

Manilla Aquatic Center

Ticket Selling Booth by Robyn




Manilla Community needs a permernet ticket selling structure to be located in Manilla Street, on the foot path between IGA & Buddens Hardware. This structure will be used on ticket selling days and when not in use will be used as general setting for the community.

Ticket Selling Booth

Manilla Hospital Community Bus by Manilla Hospital Community Bus




We are asking for help to upgrade our Manilla Hospital Community Bus.

By donations, fundraising and Grants from our Tamworth Shire, local committees, Clubs, Banks, Shops and our local residents of Manilla.

Once purchased the bus will be owned by Manilla Hospital and mantained by the h

Manilla Hospital Community Bus

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