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Location Title Description Date


Ticket selling booth

The Ticket Selling Booth will provide the Manilla Community with a sheltered, safe permanent ticket selling structure.

6:05pm, 08-09-2015


Moree BMX Track Cantee and Facilities

Having these basic facilities will enable the Moree BMX Club to hold events for the local members and community as well as inter-club meets and state titles. These events will encourage tourism to the town as well as giving the youth of our community a positive outlet for their energy. BMX is a sport where full family participation can take place with riders welcome from age 3 to 73 and beyond.

1:53pm, 24-04-2015


Manilla Road Safety Park

build a road safety park and basketball hoop at Chaffey Park for the young people of Manilla

12:30pm, 24-09-2013


The Armidale Railtrail

The first stage of the Railtrail project is to carry out a feasibility study. This will require local, state and federal government support.

9:32am, 27-06-2013


Armidale's World Class Garden

At some stage, assuming that this petition reveals that there is a substantial number of ‘willing workers’, the garden committee will contact the petitioners to explain and discuss its plans to progress the World-Class Garden.

The current committee is a group of four who conceived the idea and have canvassed the idea over the last two years. They are Kel Hardingham, Anne White, James White and Lynne Walker.

If the project receives the public support that it needs to progress, a new and broader management structure will be required

9:31am, 08-06-2013


Warialda Play Park

As per the description in the attached idea

4:51pm, 16-05-2013


Railway Restaurant interest

As per the description in the attached idea.

3:51pm, 05-03-2013